Bible Lessons using Building Blocks

How to Use Building Blocks
to Give Your Students
a Solid Foundation for
Christian Growth!

While building blocks are a fantastic toy for inspiring creativity in kids and helping them develop their fine motor skills – it turns out building blocks are also good for something else …

Teaching Kids About God!

It’s true, it turns out building blocks are a great tool to use in a Sunday School classroom to grab kids’ attention and help them better understand the role God plays in their lives.

As a Sunday School teacher myself, I’ve seen again and again how building blocks can help students grow in Christ.

That’s why I’ve created a new Teaching With Toys Lesson Pack that focuses specifically on building blocks.

Here's What's Inside:

Building Block Bible Lessons

Featuring nine illuminating lessons and nine fast-paced games this lesson pack is ideal for both getting students excited about your Sunday School lesson and for also getting them excited about God.

Here the lessons that are contained in this pack:

Here’s a look at the lessons covered:

Blocks Show How God Relates to Mathematics

Just about every kid can see the relationship between 1/2/4/8/16 if it is spelled out for them. (Each number is double its predecessor.) But often, especially when we are following Christ, truths are missed due to great distractions. This lesson of building five structures with the number of blocks doubling each time will have kids searching for truth in a fun way!

A Barn Made of Blocks Teaches About Greed

This lesson is more of a story where you’re going to use a barn that your students construct. The lesson is a necessary one - on storing too much and sharing too little!

Towers Help Us Understand Christian Growth

Building blocks are a perfect metaphor for our Christian growth and how God sometimes uses challenging circumstances to make us bigger and better people. Build a tower with your students using a four-tier structure like the one above to help kids memorize Romans 5:3-5, a very important Scripture about how God “builds us up!”

A Bridge Helps us Understand Christ’s Sacrifice

This lesson uses blocks to demonstrate the four spiritual laws to kids. As they build, they will have a better understanding of how Jesus is the bridge between us and God, and how to use him to cross over!

Mansions Help Us to Understand Heaven

Here’s another lesson to reinforce how tough times can be seen in a different, and far better, light - if we imagine what we are building for ourselves in heaven. You will be building a “heavenly house” with your students, and every block will represent something to overcome here on earth.

Falling Temples Show that God Isn’t Confined to Churches

This lesson in building a temple will help kids understand what Jesus meant when he said his people would worship him “in spirit and in truth.” Our church buildings are fine places to gather for worship, but we should worship God in our hearts - in our rooms, schools, places of business, and in nature—not just in church.

A Straight and Narrow Road Teaches about Faith

Here’s a chance to introduce your students to the concept of the “straight and narrow” and how choosing that path can make all the difference in their lives. With each building block your students’ faith will grow!

Changing Structures Show God’s Way of Building Us

Blocks can be moved all around to create different structures. Hence, they are a great way to show how God can begin to “shift” things around in our hearts and our lives to make us into mature Christians. This demonstration, making a house and making various structures out of a pile of the same six blocks, will help kids understand this concept.

Building Shows How God Creates Order from Chaos

A wise man once noted that “while life is happening, it doesn’t often make sense. Life can often seem like a chaos of good times and bad, good luck and injustices. But when looking back on your life, it reads like a finely crafted novel.” Making order out of chaos with this pile of blocks will help kids see that God really does know what He’s doing, no matter how chaotic life may seem at times.

Each Lesson Above Comes
with It's Own Companion Game!

Note: Lessons were designed with children ages 5-12 in mind, but some younger or older children might also enjoy these too!

Now Here’s More of What Students Will Learn
from This Lesson Pack:

Why math is a lot like God’s plan for your lives – and how this knowledge can help us live more confidently and peacefully!
Why no matter what is being built, God is behind it all and always has our long-term best interests at heart!
Why God loves a cheerful giver – and how to become one yourself!
Why having a lot of stuff doesn’t make you happy, but having a lot of love does!
Why we should always rejoice in our suffering – and how that suffering can make us grow stronger, more enduring, more persistent, more trusting and more hopeful!
The four spiritual laws and the challenge that exists between man and God – plus, how God has solved the problem!
What we should think about when things aren’t going well for us – and why this should give us the ultimate sense of comfort!
Why the real church exists in our hearts and how we can go there anytime to meet with Christ!
Why the point of Christianity is not to try to earn your way into heaven with good works but rather to trust Jesus with your heart, soul and mind!
How God changes us into bigger and stronger people!
Why through all the good, bad, fun, lousy, awful and rewarding times, it pays to remember God is always in charge!
And much more

Give Your Students the Building Blocks
They Need to Grow in Christ!

This lesson pack is filled with lessons and games that combine building blocks with imagination, critical thinking and, most importantly, essential concepts for growing in Christ.

Students will find these lessons unforgettable and fun, and they are easy for teachers, requiring few other materials.

The games that are included are designed to reinforce the lesson’s message or introduce a sister concept.

We have also included photos of structures that work with each lesson.

Your students can use them for templates of what they need to build, or they can let their imaginations run wild!

Finally, each activity includes Teacher’s words in Bold for easy delivery.

With this lesson pack, you get everything you need to help your students experience true Christian growth.

Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee,
Means You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s right, I am so sure that you will love the Teaching With Toys – Building Blocks Lesson Pack that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your lesson pack, all you have to do is notify me within 60 days of your date of purchase and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s TWO FULL MONTHS to put this pack to the test!

I don’t think I can be any fairer than that.

Either get the lessons and activities you need to draw your students closer to God or get your purchase price back!

When you order Teaching With Toys – Building Blocks Lesson Pack you can take advantage of the immediate download feature to get everything in just minutes from now!

Building Block Bible Lessons

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P.S. Another great thing about using building blocks is that most families have them and would be more than willing to send them in to your class – that makes this whole lesson pack an even more affordable teaching tool! Find out how to use building blocks to draw kids closer to God, get Building Blocks Bible Lessons today.

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