Footsteps of Jesus

Discover the Exciting New
Jesus-Themed Trivia Game That Combines Trivial Pursuit-Style Questions with Fun Board Game-Style Movement to Create Great Fun for Sunday School Classes, Youth Groups & Gatherings
of Friends & Family!

Fast-Paced Game Sends Players on a Voyage Back in Time to One of the Most Important Periods in World History -
Jesus’ Three-Year Ministry Tour!

Test your knowledge about Jesus!
Learn new things about Jesus that you didn’t know before!
Available at special low price for limited time!

When it comes to important times in history it’s hard to top the three-year period of Jesus’ ministry.

This was the period when one man changed the world … when one man showed us the power that comes from loving God and each other …

And now there is an exciting new trivia game that lets players journey back to that time where they can walk in Jesus’ footsteps and test and grow their knowledge of what he did and said.

Introducing the
“Footsteps of Jesus”

Trivia Game!

In this wildly entertaining game players visit 10 locations that Jesus traveled to during his three-year ministry, including:


As you play the game and visit the locations, you’ll feel the unrest when Jesus is rejected, the sense of victory when He is embraced and the sense of irony when leaders plot to kill him.

And after only a few fun rounds, there’s a very good chance you’ll know more about Jesus than you ever dreamed possible! 

This is Your Chance to Follow in the ‘Footsteps of Jesus’
… All the Way from Bethlehem to Jerusalem!

The game begins in Bethlehem, the birthplace of our king. Players then follow Jesus’ footsteps throughout nine other locations where He spoke some of his most famous words or performed some of his most famous miracles.

At each location, you’ll learn the intricate details of His life by answering trivia questions so that you can move on and gain cards.

Ultimately, whoever reaches Jerusalem first with a card from each city wins the game! 

While the learning is designed to challenge, the game itself is designed for ease of play without convoluted twists or need for special talents like acting or drawing. 

This game:

Blends Bible knowledge with skillful board play to create an exhilarating experience that will have kids and adults wanting to play again and again!
Lets players walk with Jesus as he heals the sick, raises the dead, speaks his most famous words and arises after his own brutal crucifixion! 
Is not just fun but is also a powerful learning tool that will help players become intimately familiar with the things Jesus said and did!
Can be used, among other things, for Bible Trivia Night at your church, to make your next gathering more fun, to grab students’ attention during Bible study and to get kids more involved in Sunday School Class!

Here’s Exactly What’s Included
In This Exciting Game:

Whats Included

All the materials are printable so you can be playing the game in minutes after you order!

Assembling the Board Game is in Itself
a Fun Activity for Kids!

How to Assemble

The game is designed for 2 to 6 players and ages 8 through adult.

While some questions are designed to be difficult, others require common sense answers with just a little bit of thought. This mix will allow players to feel mentally challenged throughout the game without feeling overwhelmed.

Using the questions repeatedly won’t hurt either!

This way, what players didn’t get right the last time, they will remember the next time—and hopefully they will know the material for life after hearing the questions a few times.

There’s isn’t a More Fun Way to Learn
About Jesus & His Ministry! 

Just Imagine …

Players eagerly answering questions about Jesus as they rush to get 10 cards, make it to Jerusalem and win the game!
Teams of players laughing with each right answer and groaning with each wrong as they compete to show a deep knowledge of Jesus!
Players (and the audience) hanging on the edge of their seats as the game progresses and the tension of who will win rises!
Players having so much fun WHILE they learn even more about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Well, it’s all possible when you have the Footsteps of Jesus Trivia Game!   

This Game is an Exciting, Challenging Way to Both
Test & Improve Your Knowledge of Jesus!

So how much would you expect to pay for an exciting game that is both informative and entertaining?

Well, right now you can take advantage of our special launch offer and get the Footsteps of Jesus Trivia Game for just $7.

But you must hurry, this special offer is only being made available to the first 250 people who order.

After that limit is reached, we will raise the price to the full $14 – which I think is still a terrific bargain for everything this game includes.

Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee,
Means You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

100% Money Back GuaranteeThat’s right, we are so sure that you will love the Footsteps of Jesus Trivia Game that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the game, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s TWO FULL MONTHS to put this game to the test!

I don’t think we can be any fairer than that.

Either get the questions and materials you need to test players’ knowledge about Jesus while also helping them learn additional facts or get your purchase price back!

Plus, when you order the Footsteps of Jesus Trivia Game you can take advantage of the immediate download feature to get all the questions and materials in just minutes or even seconds from now … that means you could be using it in class on Sunday – even if you are ordering on Saturday night!

This Game is Fun No Matter What Your Current
Level of Knowledge About Jesus’ Ministry!

That’s right, you are sure to have fun no matter what your level of Bible knowledge.

Players who know a lot about Jesus will still feel challenged by some questions and those without a lot of knowledge about Jesus will learn as they go!

This game is a great way to discover what Jesus really did and said during his ministry while competing in a fun way against others.

Today, far too many Christians, particularly young Christians, don’t have a firm understanding of all that happened during Jesus’ ministry and this was such an important time for our faith that it is important that they learn more.

This game will allow them to learn more WHILE they have fun.

The game can inspire kids (and others) to get interested in Jesus and the Bible so that they can build that foundational knowledge that will strengthen their faith and draw them closer to God.

Ready to Help Your Students, Your Fellow Church Members, Your Family & Others Walk
in the ‘Footsteps of Jesus’?

Then order the Footsteps of Jesus Trivia Game today!

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Mary-Kate Warner

P.S. With the Footsteps of Jesus Trivia game players become intimately familiar with the things Jesus said and did in 10 famous locations that he visited – while having loads of fun!

P.P.S. Currently available at only $7, this game is sure to deliver more than your money’s worth of fun! But remember this special low price offer is limited to the first 250 orders. Get the Footsteps of Jesus Trivia Game for just $7 before it is too late!

P.P.P.S Also don’t forget that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If the Footsteps of Jesus Trivia Game isn’t everything you were expecting, you can request a full refund.

Footsteps of Jesus

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