Bible Science

25 Fun & Easy
Bible-Based Experiments
That Demonstrate
God's Hand in Science


Our Experiments are Great For:

Sunday School
Rainy Day Family Projects
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Inside every child is a natural scientist.

Think about it: what child doesn't like blowing bubbles in their milk, or seeing a rainbow on the wall?

Imagine being able to harness that scientific interest and steer it toward learning a Biblical truth?

Good news, you don't have to be a prize winning chemist to use simple science experiments to inspire children to love God. (In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you failed all your high school science classes.)

Because today, I'm sharing with you a brand new teaching concept that I call:


This approach uses simple science experiments to demonstrate the magnificent power of God

Here's a glimpse inside:

Inside, you'll find 25 easy-prep science experiments specifically designed to demonstrate a Biblical Truth

Bible Science

25 Easy & Fun Experiments

Inside, you'll find 25 easy-prep science experiments specifically designed to demonstrate a Biblical Truth.

You will find the instructions easy to follow, the materials easy to find around the house, and the mess easy to clean.

Each Experiment includes:

- List of Materials
- Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions
- “Understanding God” Discussion
- Related Scripture Verse Reference
- Kid-Friendly Scientific Explanation

Easy to Gather Supplies

Most everything needed can be found right in your classroom supply closet, or in your home, yard or garage.

Both Genders & All Ages

The experiments appeal to both genders and can easily be geared toward a wide range of ages (4-12).

You can make the experiments more hands-on and the discussion more advanced as the kids mature.


"Bible Science" provides all the scientific explanation you'll need, for even the most challenging "why" questions from kids.

The Experiments inside "Bible Science"
are Divided into Five Categories:
Light, Color, Motion, Magnetism, and Gravity


Light is a form of energy. It travels in rays, and the reason you see objects, regardless of their color, is that light reflects off of them.

When Jesus said in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world,” he was expressing a great truth. We can only see the path to God because he shines the way.

In these experiments, you’ll get to see many likenesses between the light in our world and the Light of the World.

Experiment #1: Water and Light & Optical Illusions.
Experiment #2:
Making Water Stand Up.
Experiment #3:
Using Water as a Magnifier
Experiment #4:
Understanding Shadows.
Experiment #5:
Defining Light and Dark Through Shadow People.


God could have created for us a gray, drab, colorless world. But color in and of itself reveals some things about him.

Some days are drab and gray, which is like our time on earth. When the sun comes out and everything glimmers and is colorful, it reminds us of God’s promise that someday we will live in the ultimately beautiful, colorful heaven with him.

God wants us to know that he is the ultimate artist, and when we experiment with his colors, he is happy that we are exploring his creation. So let’s do some experiments with color that will show us more about his nature.

Experiment #1: Using a Color Wheel
Experiment #2:
Understanding How Rainbows are Made.
Experiment #3:
Separating Colors.
Experiment #4:
Using Bubbles to See Colors.
Experiment #5:
Using Dye to Dilute Color


Many Christians wonder how to know the will of God in their lives.

One wise man suggested, “It is easier to turn a moving ship than a still ship.” He meant that if you keep moving and try out various choices, God will “turn you” and get you moving in the right direction. He’ll close a door if it’s not the right one and give you signs along the way. Such is better than trying to figure out God’s will by doing nothing—simply sitting still.

By trying experiments with motion, we can demonstrate lots about finding God’s will in our lives. So let’s do some experiments that will show us just that.

Experiment #1: Demonstrating and Breaking “Inertia”
Experiment #2:
Harnessing the Power of Air to Move Things.
Experiment #3:
Spinning Buttons to Understand the Importance of Good Behavior
Experiment #4:
Using the Wind’s Motion to Understand God’s Will
Experiment #5:
Coins in Motion Show God’s Protection.


Magnetism causes a lot of behavior on planet earth that we might not expect.

A small, simple horseshoe magnet can move a sewing needle without touching it. It can cause things heavier than water to rise through water. It can make things fly through the air.

God has magnetism also, and he causes people to do extraordinary things that would seem impossible. Use experiments in magnetism to help get into God’s “magnetic field” and become the super creatures we were designed to be.

Experiment #1: How One Magnet Creates Another Magnet
Experiment #2:
A “maze” ing Magnets.
Experiment #3:
Can a Magnet Rescue a Drowning Paper Clip?.
Experiment #4:
Creating an Electromagnet
Experiment #5:
Showing How Opposites Attract in Magnets.


Did you know that the earth is actually a giant magnet? It has a magnetic core as do the sun, moon, and planets; however, some have greater magnetic pull than others. The sun’s magnetism is what keeps the earth in orbit. The earth’s magnetism keeps the moon in orbit.

Gravity is the reason we don’t float off into space. Everything on earth pulls toward its core due to its magnetism and constant spinning.

You’ve heard the expression, “Stay grounded.” It means don’t make bad choices or do dumb things. In church we talk about “staying grounded in God’s word.” That means we let our actions follow what the Bible says. Like gravity keeps our feet on the ground, God’s word keeps us from floating off his paths. Let’s try some experiments to see what God and gravity have in common.

Experiment #1: Gravity Doesn’t Care About Weight
Experiment #2:
Finding the Center of Gravity to Create Balance.
Experiment #3:
Changing the Center of Gravity Keeps the Disciple Standing.
Experiment #4:
How Heat Affects Gravity.
Experiment #5:
Putting a Spin on Gravity.

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Your Kids will Discover that Science is Fun, not at all Intimidating, and Above All, Created by God.

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