Just in Time for Father’s Day …

Reinforce How Important
Fathers Are to Your Students & Their Faith With These Special
Bible-Based Activities!

Ultimate Father’s Day Lesson Pack Includes Crafts, Games, Snacks … Everything You Need to Ensure Your Kids Learn, Have Fun & Create Something Truly Memorable & Meaningful for Their Dads


Billy Graham once said: "A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society."

The truth is, fathers play a vital role in your students’ lives as well as in the growth of their faith…

They deserved to be recognized and honored this Father’s Day.

That’s why I’ve gathered up all my favorite Bible-based Father’s Day Sunday School activities and packed them into one place!

No more hunting around the net or scrambling for a last minute Biblical tie-in for your Father’s Day celebration!

Inside, you’ll find engaging bible-based lessons, fun games, memorable songs, tasty snacks and easy-to-make, yet meaningful crafts.

With this new lesson pack you’ll be able to show kids:


The two things Christian dads love to be filled up by and how to ensure their dad is getting plenty of both!
How to make their Dad feel extra blessed and deeply loved this Father’s Day!
How the guidance they receive from their fathers is like the folds needed to turn a piece of paper into an airplane that soars!
How a father’s strength and sharpness holds a family together just like a staple binds loose sheets of paper!
How they can be sure that one day they will grow just as strong and wise as their fathers!
Why learning self-control and showing respect for elders are two of the best things kids can do to “appreciate” their fathers!
Why fathers are so busy and what kids can do to help make sure their Dads stop and laugh on occasion!
How a popular snack item is the perfect symbol for the love Christian kids enjoy from their TWO fathers!
  And much more!


Father’s Day is a Special Time of the Year
So Why Not Make Sure It’s Extra Special This
Year for Both Your Kids & Their Dads?

If you want your students to come to appreciate their Dads in a new way … if you want to get your students excited about Father’s Day … if you want them to have fun while creating something that their fathers will treasure … then the Father’s Day Lesson Pack is perfect for you.

Just take a look at what this pack includes:

The 10 most popular scripture verses about fathers so that you can easily add them to your craft project and create something truly memorable for Dads!
4 object lessons that are grounded in the Bible and that are sure to keep your kids engaged and excited!
3 easy-to-do, but fun craft projects that will allow your kids to create something their dads will treasure for years and years … WITHOUTyou having to spend a fortune on supplies!
2 fun games that will have kids laughing and enjoying themselves in no time!
3 snack ideas that are easy to make and that taste delicious!
3 catchy songs that your kids will be singing or humming long after class is over!
PLUS, we’ve also included a special parent handout – 7 Ways to Help Your Kids Create a Great Father’s Day Gift at Home!

Also, keep in mind that this activity kit does NOT require you to go out and spend a fortune on supplies … in fact, you should already have all the supplies you need in your church’s supply closet.

The Father’s Day Lesson Pack is available as an instant download- it can be in your hands just 30 seconds from now!

And because the directions are so clear and its projects easy to teach and complete (we’ve even included complete teaching scripts so you can just follow along and teach the lessons without practice) you could buy this kit as late as the night before Father’s Day and STILL use it the next day!

My Double You'll Love It Guarantee

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Guarantee #2 - If you actually use these Father's Day activities with your kids and they don't absolutely LOVE them, I'll actually refund TWICE your money. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort.

Plus, remember when you order the Father’s Day Lesson Pack you can take advantage of the immediate download feature to get everything just minutes from now!

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