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100 Bible Coloring Pages that
Build Christian Faith in
Kids Ages 3-12!

Coloring Sheets, Dot-to-Dots, Verse Posters,
Color-by-Number, Cut-Paste-Draw Puzzles, & More

Here’s a fantastic learning tool that will provide hours of fun for kids, with little else needed except a box of crayons!

Our Bible Coloring Pages are great five- to 15-minute time fillers—and they also teach kids important principles of our faith!

Kids will enjoy coloring, connecting dots, learning to draw, all the while learning about the Bible.

Bible tales from Creation to the Ascension are touched upon in these pages, as well as Bible principles, symbols and memory verses.

These coloring pages have been strategically put together by experts on kids, Christianity, and learning, to assure that every page has the capacity to teach something important about our faith.

Grab your crayons...

Here's a look at what's Inside:

Help kids learn about the Bible’s heroes and key faith facts with our coloring pages designed for kids of ALL ages.

By following the numbers, children will draw the Star of David, Moses’ staff, Christ’s cross, and much more…

Just by following the numbers, kids will create colorful masterpieces from Moses seeing the burning bush to Mary seeing the Angel Gabriel.

Have children cut, paste, and color Bible puzzles to discover which famous scene is scrambled up!

By following our illustrator’s instructions, kids will draw the Alpha & Omega signs, easy angels, and a manger, among other important symbols. This is a great tool for your more advanced artists looking for a challenge once they've mastered standard coloring sheets.

Here are Just Some of the Ways
You Can Use These Coloring Printables:

  • Early Bird Activities.

    Keep kids busy (and out of trouble) while the rest of their class trickles in.

  • Late Pick Up Activities.

    Let kids continue their learning & fun while they wait for their parents.

  • 5-15 Minute Time Fillers.

    Sometimes a lesson doesn’t take quite as long as we thought it would, these can help fill in the gap before parents arrive.

  • Outreach Tools.

    Our church often sets up information booths at various community events. We always have a “childrens table” set up for kids loaded up with these Printables.

  • Sunday School Homework.

    Send students home with a  fun coloring worksheet that echoes the days lesson (a great discussion starter for parents!)

  • Flu Folder.

    Every classroom has a “flu folder” loaded with these printables that we can whip out if a teacher (or student) suddenly falls ill.

  • Children’s Table Activity

    Do you have a children’s table at your family get togethers?  Instead of having to “shush” kids who are getting a little rambunctious waiting for dinner or dessert, give them something constructive to do!

  • Travel Projects.

    Are you heading out on a long trip by air, train, or car? Print out worksheets to keep the kids busy (& thinking) during your travels.

  • Bulletin Board Displays.

    Display the children’s coloring sheets & puzzles on a church bulletin board outside your Sunday School classroom.

  • Kiddo Entertainment.

    Let’s face it, we all need to keep the kids busy while we cook, clean, entertain and get some chores finished up!  Instead of a TV show, how about giving them a stack of fun Bible Printables?

  • Bible Art Portfolio

    Keep each child’s coloring pages in a folder to present at the end of the year as a “Bible Art Portfolio” to families (a wonderful keepsake collection!).

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We've selected 20 of the most important memory verses for children and turned them into 8.5 X 11 coloring sheets!

The kids can color the poster in class, and then hang the verse poster somewhere special (church bulletin board, refrigerator, bathroom mirror, etc.)

The very act of coloring in the letters of the verse can often help the words "stick" in a child's brain. Plus, seeing the poster displayed helps cement the verse in a child's mind!

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