Teach Sunday School - Pre-Planned Bible Lessons for Busy Sunday School Teachers & Christian Parents

Give Children the Gift of
Restful Sleep, Happy Mornings, &
a Growing Relationship with God!

The last 10 minutes of a child’s day are the most important.

  • Peaceful & Calm Bedtime = Better Quality Rest During the Night
  • Connected Parents During Bedtime = Happy Moods in the Morning
  • Christ-Focused Bedtime = A Strong Relationship with God

Kids today have busy days.

School, sports, scouts, homework, playdates, chores, piano, etc...

But the most important time of the entire day happens in the 10 minutes before they close their eyes.

That "golden window" of time dictates how they feel about the day that passed and how they are going to approach the next day.

Sadly, these precious few moments of the day are often rushed, full of last-minute “to-do’s”, quick good-nights, and parents dashing off to finish off a chore or check something “important” on their phone.

Wouldn’t it be great if parents could “stop the clock” and focus on their children for 10 solid minutes every evening?

No email, no phone, no distractions.

Every parent wants to "lay their child down in peace and safety each night" (Psalm 4:8).

However, sometimes parents need a guide, a reminder, a nudge to actually realize that the most important work of the day might come in those precious few minutes before a child drifts off to sleep.

Bible Bedtime Stories

This collection of Bible Bedtime Stories is that gentle guide for parents everywhere.

A simple & straightforward approach to making the last 10 minutes of a child’s day MATTER.

21 Beloved Bible Stories

Included are 21 stories that are most beloved in our Bible, along with questions that parents and children can discuss, a scripture reference, a coloring page, and the start of a prayer.

A night’s journey through one story and its components can take about 10 minutes.

Here's What's Inside:

  • Bible Stories

    The Bible stories are those children should become familiar with — from the Garden of Eden, to Jesus performing miracles, to the New Heaven and Earth described in the Revelation.  However, they are told in soothing bedtime language so as not to disturb that restful feeling.

  • Questions

    The questions were designed, not just to help children know the stories, but to apply them to their lives.  There are no right or wrong answers – just a chance to think about how the God who led people 5,000 years ago wants to lead children of today as well!

  • Scriptures

    The scriptures either come directly from the story or enhance the theme that the story brings to light.

  • The Prayer

    The prayer should get kids thinking about what they would like to say to God about their own lives.  They can use ours as a springboard, such that the last thing they do before shutting their eyes is address their heavenly father.

  • Coloring Page

    We provide a companion coloring page to go with each Bible Story to serve as a visual supplement.   Give  children the coloring page as a wind down activity or as a “remember the story we read last night” reminder in the morning.

How to Use:

Our Bedtime Bible Stories can be printed right off your computer and shared with your own children tonight!

You can print the entire set of stories at once or one at a time.

If you lead a Sunday School class or are involved with the Children’s Ministry of your church, we welcome you to use these “Bedtime Bundles” as handouts for the parents of your congregation.

Parents LOVE having a guided “routine” to follow with their kids on Sunday night. It’s a turn-key way for parents to talk to their kids about their faith.

Here's How It Works

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    The files are delivered in PDF format, so you can download them to your computer, or directly to your mobile device.

  • Print Out Hard Copies

    You can print out all of the material right from your home computer! Feel free to print out as many copies of the material as you need, year-after-year.

Our Promise to You:

We are so sure that you will love Bedtime Bible Stories that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the material, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

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  • q-iconWhat age level is this for?

    Our bedtime stories are geared for kids ages 4-12.

  • q-iconHow many coloring pages & stories can I print?

    You are allowed to print as many copies of the Bedtime material as you need (year-after-year) for your own private or single church use.