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New "Print & Play" Bingo Game
Promises to Fill Your
Next Class or Gathering
With Fun, Excitement,
Good Natured Competition…
& Lots & Lots of Smiles!

Most Everybody Loves Trivia – Our New ‘Bible Bingo’
Game Gives Players the Chance to Not Just Show
Off Their Knowledge But Also Learn
Even More About the Bible …

  • Get your Kids More Excited & Involved in Sunday School Class!
  • Hold Bingo Night at Your Church!
  • Make Your Next Gathering More Memorable!
  • Grab Your Kids’ Attention Like Never Before During Bible Study!

Looking for a way to liven up your next church or family gathering or to get your students more involved in Sunday School?

Well look no further, our new ‘Bible Bingo’ game is perfect for you!

With this game:

  • You’ll have everybody on the edge of their seat anticipating the next Bible trivia question!
  • You’ll have everybody clapping excitedly when they call out BINGO!
  • You’ll have everybody paying attention … everybody having fun … everybody learning more about God and the Bible!

Introducing Bible Bingo …

We are elevating Bingo from a game of chance to a game of knowledge!  The stories of the Bible will come clear to players through the heroes and verses included.

At last, there is a trivia game designed specifically for Christians! This game features 150 Bible-related questions – with three levels of play for all levels of knowledge, age, and ability!

These harder and easier trivia levels mean you can play games involving various age groups.

In other words:

  • This game can make for great entertainment when the eating is done at potluck suppers!
  • This game can be a great fundraiser when players get sponsors and friends and family buy tickets to attend!
  • Plus, this game works great in Sunday School when you are between lessons or simply want to help kids improve their Bible knowledge!

Bible Bingo is the ULTIMATE tool for getting kids’ minds working while they’re also having lots of fun! 

The Game is Similar to Standard Bingo…
But Designed to be Used Easily in Your
Sunday School Class or at Your
Next Church or Family Gathering …

If you’ve played bingo before, you’ll recognize our formula.

The Bible BINGO cards resemble regular BINGO cards, with the five columns and five rows.

However, instead of numbers you will see one- or two-word answers.



Players earn trivia points while covering the called answers on their BINGO cards until somebody shouts "BINGO" when they get 5 in a row.

One of the great qualities of this game is how players don’t have to be Bible scholars to win.  Yet they will learn things at an incredible pace!  Watch as they discuss and seek answers collectively, and you’ll see them introduced to a new Bible fact two or three times a minute!

A trivia winner and a BINGO winner in each game make it fun for all.

Everything You Need is Included:

  • 2 Complete Bible Bingo Games

    We Include Two Complete Games, One Focused on People of the Bible & the Other on Essential Scripture Passages:

    1) Bible NAMES Bingo
    2) Fill-in-the-Blank Scriptures Bingo

  • 60 Game Cards

    The Bible BINGO cards resemble regular BINGO cards, with the five columns and five rows.  However, instead of numbers you will see one- or two-word answers.  You will see familiar names in our Bible Names BINGO, and one or two-word phrases in Fill-In-The-Blanks Scripture BINGO.

  • Detailed Instructions

    We give you VERY detailed instructions so you know exactly how to play Bible Bingo.  We also give suggestions based on the size/age of your group and their Bible knowledge.

  • 150 Trivia Questions

    We give you over 150 “Call Cards” loaded with Bible Trivia Questions.  Plus, we provide “hints” you can suggest if your players are having a hard time coming up with the answer.

  • Blockout Chips

    We provide printable blockout chips your players can use to mark which boxes have been called.

  • Champion Ribbons

    Print out our Champion Ribbons for your winners to proudly wear announcing their Bingo success.

While some questions are designed to be difficult, others require common sense answers with just a little bit of thought. This mix will allow players to feel mentally challenged throughout the game without feeling overwhelmed.

You can include as many of the hints as you like for your group's level of Bible familiarity.

We encourage you to use the questions repeatedly!

This way, what players didn’t get right the last time, they will remember the next time—and hopefully they will know the material for life after hearing the questions a few times.

Order Now & Receive the Following
Bonus Gift for FREE!

Printable "Game Night" Flyer

Use our printable 8.5 X 11 poster to publicize “Bingo Night” at your church! Print off as many copies as you need year after year! Simply fill in the blanks!

This Game is a Quick, Easy, Economical, & Fun Way of Learning About the Bible for Kids… and Adults … of All Ages!

So how much would you expect to pay for an exciting game that is both informative and entertaining?

Well, right now you can take advantage of our special introductory offer and get our Bible Bingo game for just $7.

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After that limit is reached, I will raise the price to the full $17 – which I think is still a terrific bargain for everything this game includes.

Here's How It Works

  • Secure Instant Access

    As soon as your order is securely processed, we’ll direct you to a download area, where you can get instant access to the complete Bible Bingo package.

  • Download To Your Computer or Mobile Device

    The game is delivered in PDF format, so you can download the files to your computer, or directly to your mobile device.

  • Or Print Out a Hard Copy

    Print out the entire game on your home computer right away! Print out a handful of Bingo Cards or 50- whatever fits your needs.  And don’t worry- you can print more anytime!

You Don’t Have to Be a Religious Scholar to Play this Bible Trivia Game!

Players are sure to have fun no matter what their level of Bible knowledge.

They will be challenged to identify the key people and Scriptures  of the Bible– and, best of all, what they don’t know, they’ll learn.

This game is a great way to discover what’s really in the Bible while competing in a fun way against others.

Today, far too many Christians, particularly young Christians, don’t have a firm understanding of what’s in the Bible and how the things in the Bible can influence their faith.

This game can inspire kids (and others) to get interested in the Bible so that they can build that  core knowledge that will strengthen their faith and draw them closer to God.

Our Promise to You:

That’s right, we are so sure that you will love the  Bible Bingo Game that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the material, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s TWO FULL MONTHS to put this fabulous game to the test!

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