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50 Bible "Mysteries" to Solve, Decode, & Investigate

What sounds more fun?

Being a "Bible Student" or being a "Bible Detective"?

When kids are excited, having fun, and engaged- chances are they will retain more of what they are learning.

Our Bible Detective Worksheets were created to get kids PUMPED to go hunting through their Bibles.

Kids will discover fascinating stories, heroes, and heroines that are FAR more interesting than anything they can find on TV.

Solving Bible mysteries is the attention grabber that pulls kids in and has them coming back for more.

Behind the scenes, these worksheets build Bible literacy and navigation skills that will last a lifetime.

Here's a Look Inside:

Solve & Color: Bible characters are masked on the pages (their names are not mentioned), but clues are given as to their identities.  Kids can solve in two ways: (1) unscramble the identities or (2) complete the Bible lookup in which the names are given.

Bible Decoder: These mysteries require decoding famous foundational scriptures using the English alphabet, but it's on a slide-rule principle, where one letter of the alphabet equals its counterpart, which is 18 letters up the scale.

Which Bible Hero: Kids will get to decode the names of bible heroes using an alphabet that resembles hieroglyphics.

Solve the Labyrinth: Kids find their way through the maze.  At the bottom is a new & Unusual type of lookup: It leads students to the chapter and has them searching for the correct verse to finish a fill-in.

Sleuth out those Words: Each worksheet provides a passage of scripture telling details about a specific Bible hero.  Kids must find the words that are bolded in the word search!

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Here Are a few More Ways You Can
 These Printable Worksheets:

  • Early Bird Activity
  • Late Pick-Up Activity
  • 5-15 Minute Time Fillers
  • Sunday School “Homework”
  • Flu Folder (in case a teacher or student get’s sick)
  • Children’s Table Activities at Family Gatherings
  • Travel Projects (great for car or airplane rides)
  • After School Activity
  • Companion Worksheet for Your Bible Lesson

Our Promise to You:

We are so sure that you will love the Bible Detective Mystery Worksheets that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

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  • q-iconWhat age level is this for?

    The Bible Detective Worksheets were designed for ages 6-12. The material is equally effective with mixed age groups or single age classes.  Younger children who are not yet able to read independently can be paired up or placed with older children.

  • q-iconWhat Bible translation should be used?

    Our Bible Detective Worksheets were designed to be used with the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible.

  • q-iconHow much prep time is involved?

    The Bible Detective Worksheets can be used within minutes after purchase.  The only “prep” required is printing out the worksheets & finding a pencil and Bible.

  • q-iconWere these designed for home or church use?

    Both!  Our worksheets work equally well in a large Sunday School class or a single child homeschooling setting.

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