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105 Bible Facts All Kids Should Know

Teachers have been using flashcards for over a hundred years.


Because they WORK!

The same teaching tools that have helped kids learn state capitols & vocabulary words for decades can certainly be put to good use to help today's children with essential Bible facts!

We’ve developed a set of 105 Bible Flashcards that you can print & play with today!

Questions & Answers are
Divided into 7 Categories:

  • Old Testament Heroes
  • New Testament Heroes
  • Old Testament Places
  • New Testament Places
  • Old Testament Miracles
  • New Testament Miracles
  • Famous Bible Quotes

For each question, there is also a Bible lookup provided to help guide kids to the answer.

Assembly is Easy & Fun:


Print out the Flashcards on standard 8.5 X 11 inch computer paper or cardstock.

You can print out as many flashcards as you need for your  home or church use!


Use scissors or a paper cutter to cut along the lines separating each row.


Fold each flashcard on the dashed line so that the Question is on one side & the Answer on the other. (optional: secure paper together with a glue stick, staple, or tape)


There are LOTS of ways to incorporate these flashcards into your lessons!  Check out our 6 great ideas below!

Flashcards are Flexible & Fun, Here are 6 Fun Ways to Use Them:

  • Traditional Flash N Go

    Simply flash 10 cards before your students and have them look up scriptures to answer.  Keep flashing the cards until the group can collectively answer all questions without doing the lookups.  Do this before each class each week, mixing in cards already learned with new cards.

  • Team Trivia

    Form two teams and ask one question at a time.  The teams can get in a huddle to discuss the answers and use the look-up clue to FIND the answer in their Bibles.  The first team to put up their hand and give the correct answer earns a point.

  • Pair Relays

    Give pairs of students 10-25 cards, based on their ages and abilities. The pair in which both partners know all answers without missing one wins.

  • Bible Bee

    These cards can work like spelling bees, where everyone in the class takes turns answering a question in front of the class.  The person with the most correct answers wins.

  • Treasure Hunts

    Hide enough cards around the room for every student to accumulate five.  The first student to find five and be able to recite the answers without faltering wins.

  • Match the Answers

    Create a copy of the flashcards where you have cut and separated the questions and the answers.  Lay 25 answers on one table and 25 questions on another.  Have teams race to put the correct answers with the corresponding questions.

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  • KJV & NIV

    We provide TWO versions of our flashcards: NIV & KJV

  • Ages 6-12+

    We’ve specifically tailored our questions to kids ages 6-12, but anyone who is learning the foundation of the Christian faith would enjoy playing with these!

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