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The Perfect Halloween Alternative Activity...

Can Your Kids Guess the
Bible Character in 5 Clues or Less?

Instead of just reading about the Bible’s characters- let’s bring them to life!

Bible Guess Who is a craft, game, & Bible lesson all wrapped up in one!

Here’s How You Play:

Step #1: Assign Bible Characters

Assign each child a Bible character from the Old or New Testament.

You can select from:

  • Noah
  • Jonah
  • Job
  • Moses
  • Joshua
  • Deborah
  • Esther
  • David
  • Abraham
  • Joseph
  • Daniel
  • Elijah
  • John the Disciple
  • Peter
  • Andrew
  • Zacchaeus
  • Good Samaritan
  • Martha
  • Mother Mary
  • Paralyzed Man
  • Simeon the Prophet
  • Returning Leper
  • Jesus
  • Roman Centurion
  • John the Baptist

Step #2: Make Masks

Kids get to BECOME their assigned Bible character by creating fun masks!

We give you TWO choices- a full color mask (great if you don't have much time) or a black & white mask that kids can color in themselves to add some time and creativity to the craft.

Once kids finish decorating, have them cut out the mask and either add a ribbon/elastic or attach to a large popsicle stick or paint stir for children to hold up in front of their face.

We provide both mask templates for all 25 characters (color & black/white).

Step #3: Play Bible Guess Who!

Once the masks are finished, it's time to PLAY!   Here's How:

  • For each Bible character, we provide a Bible Character CLUE CARD that lists 5 "clues" for the given personality.
  • Children take turns going up to the front of the room with their mask on and reading their clues to the rest of the class. (clues get progressively easier)
  • The class tries to guess which Bible character their classmate is representing based on the mask & clues.

Here's How It Works

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    The templates & printables are delivered in PDF format, so you can download them to your computer, or directly to your mobile device.

  • Print Out a Hard Copy

    Print out the templates & clue cards on your home computer! Print out a single mask or 50- whatever fits your needs.  And don’t worry- you can print more anytime!

Here’s What’s Inside:

Here are Just Some of the Ways
You Can Use Bible Guess Who:

  • Bible Character of the Week

    Each week do a more in-depth study into one Bible Character.  Use the printable mask as a warm-up activity and review the clue card at the start of class.  The mask and clue card are a great take home resource for parents to use to get their kids talking about what they learned!

  • Bible Character Reports

    Assign each child in your Sunday School class a mask and related clue card to present to the class.  You can spread it out and have one presentation a week or have “Guess Who Day” and everyone presents on the same day.

  • The Chronology game

    Students will have to put on the masks and then put themselves in order chronologically. Understanding who came first is a big part of understanding the Christian worldview, and this fun game will surely help.

  • Bible Heroes on Parade

    Students will parade around the room or the sanctuary en masque, vying for a chance to win an acting award. If you have students who love to be dramatic, this game offers a great chance to get kids in the spirit of Bible times and events.

This is a Party Game,
a Sunday School Game,
a Family-Night Game,
a Sleepover Game,
a Camping Game & More!

Kids will discover new Bible stories & people that they have never heard of!

They will learn that the Bible is a wonderful place to discover & explore!

And maybe best of all, it will do all that while giving them hours of laughter and fun.

What could be better than that?

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