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Matthew Bible Study

4 Weeks. 15 Minutes Per Day.
Discover the Words of Jesus, the Stories About Him, and the Good News of Salvation Through Him by Faith

If you want to grow in your Christian faith, a greater understanding of the book of Matthew is essential.

This gospel has it all – from Jesus’s miraculous birth to the prophecies he fulfilled to the miracles he performed to the sermons and wise teachings he delivered.

It’s all there – and that’s why taking the time to delve into this book is so valuable.

You’ll gain insight into Jesus and how he lived his life and from that you’ll also come to better understand what he expects from you.

There is a reason why this book is one of the most popular and most “Googled” books of the Bible … because it is a fantastic first look at the Christian faith and who Jesus actually was.

The Matthew Bible Study is your chance to get to know your Lord and Savior better.You’ll gain greater insight into the Sermon on the Mount and the Christmas Story. You’ll also learn more about the prophecies, miracles, and classic Bible stories that are found in this book.

Just 15 minutes a day for four weeks is all it takes to build your faith with a greater understanding of the book of Matthew.

Your new knowledge will then help you develop greater peace and understanding. It will also help you live a more God-focused life and better discuss your faith and its foundations with others.

Four Weeks of Intensive Matthew Study:

Week One:

Matthew 1-7

Week Two:

Matthew 8-15

Week Three:

Matthew 16-22

Week Four:

Matthew 23-28

A Bible Study Format for Modern Life:

If you can set aside 15-20 minutes for yourself each day, our guided Matthew Bible Study can fit into your schedule.

Each week contains 6 study lessons, allowing you to take one day off of your choosing.

2 Guided Pages Per Day. 15 Minute Time Commitment.

An Easy, Actionable Plan for Each Day:

Matthew Bible Study

There are no stressful quizzes, no demands—just a system for guidance that should shed great light on the book of Matthew daily for four weeks.

By the end of the month, you will have a much better idea of where to find important miracles, parables, and teachings of Jesus in this first and famous book of the New Testament.

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Is this Bible study limited to a specific Christian denomination or Bible translation?

No!  The Bible Study is meant to serve ALL Christians, regardless of denomination or preferred Bible translation.  The material is foundational and consistent across denomination and translation.

Is there a suggested age-range for this Bible study?

The material was designed primarily for adults.  We suggest ages 16+.

Can I use this material with my small group?

Yes!  Your purchase includes a small group license, so you can use as an individual or within a small group on your own.

Can I begin the Bible study today?

Yes!  You can begin your Bible study whenever is convenient to you!  Immediately after purchase you will be granted instant access to all the materials.

Do I have to do the 4 weeks in a row?

The beauty of our Bible study format is the flexibility!  Some participants will want to complete the material in 4 straight weeks.  Others will want to space if out a little with break days.  You determine your pace.  Do what feels right and fits your schedule!

What materials do I need for the Bible study?

We recommend that you set aside a comfortable spot in your house where you can slip away for 15 uninterrupted minutes each day.  You will need your Bible, the daily print outs, and a pen/pencil.

What if I don’t have a printer? Can the material be mailed to me?

This is a digital Bible study, so you will receive instant access to all the materials immediately after registration.  Nothing will be sent to you in the mail.

If you are unable or would rather not print the material at your home, church, office, you can easily view the daily material directly on your phone, tablet, or computer and use a blank notebook for journaling and copywork.

You can also send the PDF download to a local printer (Staples, FedEx/Kinkos, etc.) for printing.