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Proverbs Bible Study

4 Weeks. 15 Minutes Per Day.
Overcome Day-to-Day Challenges with the Practical Wisdom.

When it comes to the Bible, few books are more practical than the Book of Proverbs.

Proverbs is loaded with hundreds of short, actionable instructions for living.

It's the day-to-day guidance we all yearn for.

Including how to...


  • Live in moderation and avoid excess
  • Control impulses
  • Develop healthy & fulfilling relationships
  • Obtain virtues through wisdom and understanding.

However, we've realized throughout the years that most people are merely scratching the surface of Proverbs.

Most people seek advice from Proverbs.

But to really benefit from Proverbs, you need to also seek wisdom.

(There is a difference.)

This Bible Study was designed to help you gain wisdom.

In just 15 minutes a day, you can dig into the Proverbs and reemerge in 4 short weeks with clarity on how to face day-to-day obstacles with Biblical wisdom.

Four Weeks of Intensive Proverbs Study:

Week One:

Consequences of Excess

Week Two:

Impulse Control

Week Three:

Relationship Wisdom

Week Four:

Obtaining Virtues

A Bible Study Format for Modern Life:

If you can set aside 15 minutes for yourself each day, our guided Proverbs Bible Study can fit into your schedule.

Each week contains 5 study lessons, allowing you to take two days off of your choosing.

2 Guided Pages Per Day. 15 Minute Time Commitment.

An Easy, Actionable Plan for Each Day:

Proverbs Bible Study

There are no quizzes, no demands—just a system for guidance that should shed great light on the Proverbs daily for four weeks.

At the close of the four weeks, your love for the Proverbs and your reliance on them should multiply.

Plus, you should know where to go in the book to find comfort, guidance, gratitude statements, and wisdom.

Bonus: Online Growth Group

Receive Access to Our Brand New Small Group Experience!
Begins March 20, 2023

We'd love to invite you to our Online Growth Group which kicks off on March 20, 2023.

Our Online Growth Group was designed to bring members of our community TOGETHER to work through this Proverbs Bible Study.

On March 20th, our specially trained leader will welcome participants to a private Facebook group.

Inside the group, participants will meet Christians from all over the world dedicating time and energy to the same Proverbs Bible Study experience.

This will be a SAFE SPACE to share, find accountability, and grow in God's word.

Here are the things you'll want to know about our Growth Group Experience:

  • Participation in the online small group is a completely OPTIONAL addition to the Proverbs Bible Study. The Proverbs Bible Study stands alone for those wanting to participate independently.
  • You'll need a Facebook account to be in one of our small groups. These are private groups, and your comments there can only be seen by people inside your small group.
  • Your small group will enhance your Proverbs study by having active discussion, accountability and encouragement related to the material.
  • If you join the small group, please plan on being an active participant in the group. We love everyone, but no "bystanders" are allowed. These groups are created for study discussion, accountability, participation and community. We ask that you check in with the group at least twice per week, although full benefits come from daily participation.
  • You can engage with your virtual group at any time that works for you. Each day we will post a prompt related to the daily lesson, and participants can post/engage whenever it's convenient for them (mornings, nights, etc.)

Curious Who Participates in Our Growth Groups?...

Last month, we had Christians of all denominations, countries, and backgrounds studying Psalms together.  Here's a small sampling...

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  • Growth Group

    Within 24 hours of purchase we will accept you into our Private Facebook Growth Group.  No pressure to join the online community- only if it serves you!

Our Promise to You:

We are so sure that you will benefit from the Proverbs Bible Study that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the Bible Study, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your registration, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

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Is this Bible study limited to a specific Christian denomination or Bible translation?

No!  The Bible Study is meant to serve ALL Christians, regardless of denomination or preferred Bible translation.  The material is foundational and consistent across denomination and translation.

Is there a suggested age-range for this Bible study?

The material was designed primarily for adults.  We suggest ages 16+.

Can I use this material with my small group?

Yes!  Your purchase includes a small group license, so you can use as an individual or within a small group on your own.  Please note: we only allow one seat per registration to the online Proverbs Growth Group beginning March 20th.  If you’d like to use within an entire church or school, or would like to purchase additional seats in the online Growth Group, please contact us.

Can I begin the Bible study today?

Yes!  You can begin your Bible study whenever is convenient to you!  Immediately after purchase you will be granted instant access to all the materials.  However, our Online Small Group community will go live on March 20th.   The choice is yours on if you proceed independently right away or wish to wait and move through the material with the online group day-by-day.

Do I have to do the 4 weeks in a row?

The beauty of our Bible study format is the flexibility!  Some participants will want to complete the material in 4 straight weeks.  Others will want to space if out a little with break days.  You determine your pace.  Do what feels right and fits your schedule!

What materials do I need for the Bible study?

We recommend that you set aside a comfortable spot in your house where you can slip away for 15 uninterrupted minutes each day.  You will need your Bible, the daily print outs, and a pen/pencil.

What if I don’t have a printer? Can the material be mailed to me?

This is a digital Bible study, so you will receive instant access to all the materials immediately after registration.  Nothing will be sent to you in the mail.

If you are unable or would rather not print the material at your home, church, office, you can easily view the daily material directly on your phone, tablet, or computer and use a blank notebook for journaling and copywork.

You can also send the PDF download to a local printer (Staples, FedEx/Kinkos, etc.) for printing.