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Have you ever wondered...

Am I doing enough to help my child really know God?

Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, God often has to compete for time with work, school, practice, scouts, chores and much, much more.

At the same time, all of our “busy-ness” can often drain the fun (and the meaning) from everyday life.

So here’s the thing...

If you’re having a hard time instilling in your children a deep love and appreciation for God & life-long morals then please don’t worry.

It's Not Your Fault.

Being a devoted Christian and a Parent does not automatically mean you are comfortable discussing your Faith with your kids.

And it certainly doesn’t mean you know how to teach your children to strengthen THEIR relationship with God.

And it certainly doesn’t mean you know how to effortlessly confront everyday parenting dilemmas with Biblical wisdom.

As We All Know...
Parenting is HARD!

And trying to raise up a Christian child with strong character and morals in today’s world is even HARDER.

But what if I told you there was a simple, fun way to ensure your children get to know God better while also gaining a better understanding of Christian behavior and the benefits of living a virtuous life?

Would you be interested in learning more?

If so, please keep reading.

The 10 Minute Window

Here's the truth:  The Bible has the answers to your parenting dilemmas (the big ones and the small ones).

However, the answers are not always easy to find.

Most child psychologists say you have a "10 minute parenting window" after a situation or issue crops up in which you can really get through to your kids.

If you wait too long, the window closes and the teachable moment slips away.

Ten minutes is not enough time for you to find the right book, the right verse, the right child-friendly words to parent your way out of an obstacle.

At Last: Cheat Sheets!

Instead of frantically leafing through the Bible when you are "on the spot" with your children...

Wouldn't it be easy if you had a "Christian Parenting Cheat Sheet" to turn to?

Well, now you do!

We’ve put our passion for the Bible, parenting, and organizing to good use here at TeachSundaySchool.com, and developed 27 Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets designed to give you the answers and wisdom you need WHEN you need it most!

27 Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets

Each Cheat Sheet focuses on one specific virtue, and is filled with a variety of devotions, activities, and conversation starters you can use to confront every day parenting challenges with Biblical wisdom:

It's a Modern Day Parenting Rolodex!

  • Tired of reminding your kids to be grateful?

    Try this “Attitude of Gratitude” exercise and you’ll never beg for another “thank you” again! (all you need is a set of post it notes and a pen)

  • Concerned about the impact of peer pressure?

    Teach your kids these 9 easy-to-remember comebacks that draw on God’s strength to stop negative influencers cold in their tracks. Their friends will think they have quick wit (but you will know they were well prepared).

  • Need help easing your child's anxiety in stressful situations?

    Discover 7 ways to help children confront fear with courage (these strategies work for preschoolers who cling to Mom’s leg and high schoolers terrified of taking the SATs).

These Cheat Sheets Make
Growing In Virtue Fun, Easy
And Thought-Provoking...
Without Giving You An Ulcer

This parenting tool wasn't designed to be a burden. It was designed to ease burdens.

There's no "hard work" necessary. No serious time commitments. And certainly no impact on the family budget.

Many of the individual strategies take 3 minutes or less. Some of my favorites only take 3 seconds!

We’ve even included the EXACT words you can use when presenting a new thought or concept to your kids.

So if you’re not used to being chatty with your children or if a certain subject seems a bit tough to tackle, you don’t have to worry … we give you a suggestion as to exactly what you can say.

Our hope is that through these Cheat Sheets your children will draw closer to each other, closer to you as a parent, and closer to God.

Want more details? Here's a small sample of what's included...

  • 2 sentences that gently "remind" children that God is with them all day at school (and doesn't abandon them at the bus corner). (page 9)
  • 10 simple conversation starters that make discussing God with your kids fun and easy (even if discussing your Faith feels awkward or uncomfortable now). (page 10)
  • Want to enjoy more quality time with your kids? Discover a brand new approach that helps you raise respectful children who enjoy spending time with their families (even during the "us vs. them" teen years)
  • ALL children witness Bullying (and many have been the bully themselves or the victim). Learn how to effectively communicate to your kids: 1) What God does when kids bully 2) What He does NOT do when kids bully 3) What are the best means of handling bullying in a Christian way. (page 20)
  • 7 amazingly effective strategies to teach your daughters to avoid gossiping but still have plenty of friends (even if they go to school with gaggles of gossiping girls). (page 26)
  • Learn EXACTLY what to do when your child hurts another child (physically or emotionally) so that it won't happen again. (this remarkable effective technique has nothing to do with time-outs, humiliation, or suffering- and EVERYTHING to do with kindness). (page 29)
  • How to raise patient children in an "instant gratification" society using Hebrews as your guide…and lose the “I want it NOW” demand for good. (page 34)
  • 6 things you MUST DO when you catch your child in a lie. (page 38)
  • 7 "Mindset Reboots" that will ease the burden of worry on anxiety-prone children so that they can celebrate, appreciate, and embrace a Life in Christ. (page 40)
  • 7 ways to raise kids who don't worship clothes and yet still feel like they "fit in" with their peers (even if they don't have the brand new pair of expensive jeans everyone else has). (page 53)
  • 6 simple sentences that children need to hear Mom say so that they see God as a Good Friend throughout their entire life. (page 58)
  • 6 words you absolutely must not say to a child with hurt feelings if you want them to continue openly sharing their emotions in the future. (page 63)
  • 5 ways to encourage your children to get off the couch and away from the TV, computer, and their cell phone- all without a fight! (page 67)
  • The Biblical parenting response for dealing with a child having a "meltdown on aisle 5" in the grocery store so that your child learns how to control their emotions in the future. (page 72)
  • How to show children that apologizing is NOT a sign of weakness, and is instead a sign of maturity and Christian values. (page 76)
  • How to nip sibling rivalry in the bud with a simple change to your night time routine. This one small adjustment can make children suddenly WANT to share with their siblings- almost overnight! (page 86)
  • A 10 second "Exercise" that will help your children stay positive throughout the day- even if they are surrounded by people full of doom and gloom. (page 100)
  • 7 simple secrets to helping your TODDLER build a relationship with God, starting at age 2. (page 102)
  • A 3 step approach for helping your children discover & cultivate their God given gifts- even if they don’t immediately stand out as an A student, all star athlete, or musician! (page 108)
  • What to do when your child says they no longer want to take piano/play soccer/go to swimming lessons. Help them stick with it, while learning a critical lesson of perseverance. (page 109)
  • How & WHEN to discuss sex and drugs with your children so that they will actually LISTEN to your counsel and think twice before being involved in such activities themselves. (page 114)
  • Discover the MOST IMPORTANT Christian virtue to instill in your children before they turn 18; this is one trait that will help them get jobs, build loving relationships, and succeed in avoiding temptation. (page 119)

Here's what's really super.

You don't have to wait around for anything to be shipped and you will have instant access to the entire collection in about 30 seconds.

All 27 Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets are delivered to you in downloadable PDF format that you can access, read, and print from any computer. I’ve also included versions that work on all eReaders, including the Kindle, nook and iPad - so the material can be at your fingertips at ALL TIMES.

Order Now & Receive the Following Bonus Gift!

Holiday Cheat Sheets

The Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets Holiday Edition is designed to help your family put Christ and His love and joy back into various holidays throughout the year.

It includes 10 additional holiday themed cheat sheets centered on:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter Week
  • Mother’s Day
  • Summer breaks
  • New Year's
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Father’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Back to School

Here's How It Works

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  • Or Print Out a Hard Copy

    If you prefer to have a hard copy, you can print out the entire set of cheat sheets from your home computer! (Or just print out the pages you need when you need them)

Our Promise to You:

If you try these Cheat Sheets with your family and don't see an immediate improvement in your children’s behavior, character, morals and overall relationship with God...

Or, if you change your mind for any reason at all...

We'll cheerfully refund your entire purchase price.  You have a full 60 day money-back guarantee.

No questions asked. No fine print. No wiggle clauses.

We even let you keep the Cheat Sheets as our gift to you for trying! (maybe you have a friend from church who might like them)

So there's really no risk at all.

Don’t leave this important task up to someone else because you are “too busy” or “don’t know how to talk about God”.

Most of all, using these cheat sheets will give you confidence not only in yourself, but in God, who wants every child to know more about him and his nature.

Soon, you will realize that God was always there to help you and that your kids now know him as a part of everyday life!

And what could be better than that?

Kristin Foster Kristin Foster, Grover, MO

I would encourage other moms to participate!. This isn't a guilt trip in book form. You're not going to read this and feel like a crappy mom that has ruined her children and has no hope. This is a resource about conversations and strategies that will allow your relationship with your little ones or big ones to flourish. It's meant to uplift and not to tear down (I loved that it was encouraging...I never once felt belittled or guilt tripped). I kind of had my guard up and it was so nice reading something that made me feel uplifted and not condemned.

I love that the cheat sheets are broken down by virtue. I can skip to the section that our family/children are most in need of working on and get going with those strategies literally the next day.

Vicki Ejibe Vicki Ejibe, Lower Elementary Director, Central Christian Church (25 years experience working in Children's Ministry)

I have loved it. Even if parents only use one cheat sheet a month a child will be well grounded and "tight" with God. This will change how you relate to God and your kids.

Jennifer Ruth Graham Jennifer Ruth Graham, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada | married 17 years with a 12 year old daughter

God is so good. The Cheat Sheets simply provide me with the right words for whenever the right time presents itself. I love it! I particularly enjoyed the section on fear, mostly because of the timing of having it there on hand when my daughter came home from school and shared with us a fear all the students had been faced with that day. It provides myself and other mothers the perfect tool to fulfill the commandments of Deuteronomy 6:7 You've been an answer to pray. Many thanks!

Katy Katy, Muskegon, MI

Worth every penny!

I am a new follower to God and this has helped me introduce Christian views with my children. It's helped me to break down the information of Faith. My three year old is finally understanding that we can turn to God for anything and that he will get us through anything. I think before I was trying too many different things and putting her into a state of information overload.

Michelle Dickinson Michelle Dickinson, Wausau, WI | 2 Daughters- Ages 18 and 15

I would recommend this to other Christian parents. I love how each section is broken down into easy-to-do steps. Thus far, my favorite parts have focused on "Respect".

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