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Teach Kids to Feel Comfortable
Speaking to God, Hearing His Voice &
Asking for Things With Assurance!

One of the least talked about issues among Christians is that most of us don’t really know how to pray!

I’m talking about real, honest, draw closer to Jesus prayer.

In fact, current research indicates that most Christians spend just an average of 5 minutes a day in prayer.

We are spending little time in prayer and when we are praying we may ramble and fail to say what we should be saying.

So why not nip this problem in the bud with your kids by teaching them at a young age how to properly pray to God?

Why not teach them how to make prayer time a lively and engaging time in their daily lives?

Just think – no more boring prayer time! No more shrugging at prayers that seem to go unanswered and thinking it’s “just part of being Christian!”

As the Bible says in James 5:16 (NLT) –
“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”

That’s why we should be teaching kids how to pray effectively. To help do just that, I have created a new six-week lesson pack.


There are many reasons why children may struggle when it comes to their prayer lives.

Older children may think that because they have sinned they are not worthy to speak intimately with God. Other kids may simply not know what to say or how to approach the creator of all living things.

In this new lesson pack, we teach children how to feel comfortable speaking to God, hearing his voice, and asking for things with the assurance that their request will be seriously considered.

The Bible says in Matthew 6:7 (NIV) – “And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.” In other words, the quality of what you say is more important than the amount of words you use. The Bible also goes on to say in Philippians 4:6 (NIV) “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

 By learning to pray with sincere hearts we can come to rely on God to provide us with what we need, when we need it. Let’s teach kids how to pray more effectively and have powerful, satisfying prayer lives and a closer relationship with Jesus!

Flexible Lesson Plans

We have organized our Lesson Pack into six 1-hour lesson plans.  

A hallmark of our lesson plans is our “Teaching Script”. We provide you the exact words, questions, and discussion topics so your message will always hit home with kids. You can use the scripts word-for-word or just simply as a guide – it's up to you!

In short, you get everything you need to help kids develop a closer relationship with Christ.

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Lesson

    Each can be taught in 15-20 minutes. Read directly from our teaching script or use as a guide- it’s up to you!

  • Lesson Worksheets

    For home or extra class time that will cause students to reflect on what they’ve learned.

  • Printable Craft

    Our crafts include printable templates!  The only extra supplies you will need are crayons/markers, scissors, and a glue stick!

  • Bonus Activity

    Each lesson includes a bonus activity such as a game, discussion circle, etc to help reinforce the lesson.   Materials are provided, so all you have to do is familiarize yourself with them!

Here is Just Some of What Kids Will Learn from This Lesson Pack:

  • The “Five-Finger Prayer” and how to use this simple, easy-to-follow outline to know what to say to God during prayer time – no awkward silences, no feeling anxious about what to say next!
  • Six truths about God that should make all children feel much more comfortable when they are speaking to Him through prayer
  • How to move beyond memorized prayers that are often said without thinking and instead speak to God sincerely from the heart
  • How to keep a prayer from sounding like “mindless noise” – instead kids learn how to communicate effectively with God here!
  • How to pray to God with passion, honesty, faith and respect – and how children can be sure that He hears them when they speak!
  • How kids can feel God’s closeness when they pray – plus, how to treat prayer as a two-way conversation so that they also “hear” God and don’t just do all the talking themselves
  • How to recognize the different ways in which we can expect God to speak to us – including seeing, hearing, feeling, through others and reading the Bible
  • Why listening with your heart is one of the most important aspects of prayer time and also one of the most difficult to master – children will find out here what they can do to better hear God in the future
  • What it really takes to hear the voice of the Lord – plus, reasons why we can’t feel God sometimes and what we should do during these times to draw back closer to Him
  • Why and when God says “No” to a prayer request and how to examine our own motives to get at the heart of what is really behind our request
  • And much more

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Bonus #1: Printable Fill-in-the-Blanks Certificate

Use our printable 8.5 X 11 certificate to award students upon completion of the Closer to Christ Lessons.

Print off as many copies as you need year after year.

Simply fill in the blanks.

Encourage parents to post on the refrigerator to celebrate their child's accomplishment and serve as a discussion starter.

Print Out As Many Certificates as You Need!

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The Importance of Prayer…

Prayer is one of the most important things Christians can do on a regular basis, yet many of us struggle with it.

In the Closer to Christ Lesson Pack, children will learn the prayer fundamentals that will allow them to pray better and develop a deeper, closer relationship with Jesus.

Yes, prayer is a serious thing but it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.

By following the principles revealed in this lesson pack children can learn to not only speak more effectively with God but also turn their prayer time into fun time.

Help your students draw closer to Christ by getting this lesson pack now.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • q-iconWhat age level is this for?

    Our lessons and activities are geared for kids ages 4-12. The material is equally effective with mixed age groups or single age classes.

  • q-iconDo You Lessons Cater to A Specific Denomination?

    Our lessons can be used by churches of all denominations, as the topics covered are truly basic to the Christian faith. In addition, any Bible translation can be used.

  • q-iconHow Much Prep Time is Involved?

    Our lessons are designed to be taught after only 5-10 minutes of “prep time”. You don’t need to go around collecting craft materials or spending an hour before class getting organized. You can literally “print & go”.

  • q-iconAre The Lessons for Home or Church Use?

    Both!  We provide plenty of options and suggestions to make the lessons work in just about any setting- regardless of the number of children you are trying to inspire.

    They work equally well in large Sunday School classes and small single child homeschooling family settings.

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