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Teach Kids Essential Biblical Genealogy
with 12 Cut & Color Family Trees!

Our "Bible Family Trees Cut & Color Craft Pack" is designed to make learning about Biblical Genealogy fun and engaging for kids of all ages, and easy for parents and teachers!

Use these crafts to go along with existing Bible Lessons, or as standalone projects – at church or at home!

Our professionally designed templates make it easy for kids to create impressive works of art.

We combine the simplicity of standard coloring sheets with the fine-motor skill development of paper dolls.

Appealing to both boys & girls, big kids and little kids.  These are our favorite "print & go" style craft!

Kids will Discover
12 Important Family Trees:

  • Ten Generations from Adam & Eve to Noah – Genesis 5
  • Ten Generations between Noah’s Son Shem and Abraham – Genesis 11:10-27
  • Six Generations of Abraham’s Son Isaac to Moses – Exodus 6:13-26
  • Jacob’s Sons and the 12 Tribes of Israel – Genesis 35:23-26
  • Ten Generations of Judah through David – Luke 3:31-33
  • 12 Generations of Joseph to Joshua – 1 Chronicles 7:17-27
  • The Generation of David and his Brothers – 1 Chronicles 2:13-17
  • The Children of King David – 1 Chronicles 3:1-9
  • The Line of Kings Until the Babylonian Invasion – 1 Chronicles 3:10-16
  • The Ancestors of Jesus back to the Babylonian Invasion – Matthew 1:1-16
  • The Generations of Rahab which includes Ruth – Matthew 1:5-6
  • The Family of Mary & Joseph – Mark 6:3

Each Family Tree Has 3 Printable Pages:

Assembly is Easy & Fun:

A Great Project to Keep Kids Busy at Home or Church

  • Everyday Supplies

    You only need crayons, scissors, & glue to complete these adorable crafts

  • No Big Mess

    The only “clean up” required is throwing paper scraps in a trash can

  • 10-20 Minutes

    Each family tree typically takes children 10-20 minutes to complete

  • Ages 4-18

    We’ve found that all ages enjoy assembling these family trees.  (Younger kids might need a little help with the cutting portion)

Here are Just a Handful of Ways to Use The Family Trees:

  • Sunday School Crafts
  • After-School Projects
  • VBS Crafts
  • Summer Time Activities
  • Bulletin Board Displays
  • Family Tree Portfolio (Bind all 12 Creations Together)
  • Rainy Day Activities
  • Substitute Craft in Case Teacher is Sick
  • Before Class/After Class Activities

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    Print out as many of the family tree templates as you need (year after year!).

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