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Good Samaritan Sunday School Lesson Kit

Challenge Kids to Truly "Love Thy Neighbor" & Follow the Good Samaritan's Lead

(Even When It's Inconvenient, Hard, or Unpopular)

Every human being is worthy of compassion & love.

This is the ultimate message found within the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Kids need to understand that we are all in fact "neighbors" here on Earth.

And as Christians, we must "Love Thy Neighbor".

That means we shouldn't just show love and compassion to our own family and the family next door...

We should love EVERYONE- including those who look differently, think differently, and even those who have been unkind to us in the past.

This is a hard concept for many kids (and adults) to understand, and it's even harder to implement in real life.

However, we've designed a 60-minute lesson that will not only help kids come to understand the morals found within the parable, but will also inspire them to follow in the Good Samaritan's footsteps in their OWN lives.

Kids will be encouraged and challenged to "Go and do likewise" in their own lives....at home, at school, at church, at the grocery store, etc.

Here's What's Inside:

Good Samaritan Lesson for Kids

Lesson Kit Includes:

  • Scripture & Lesson

    Help kids learn & understand the parable of the Good Samaritan with a scripture reading, discussion questions, and a step-by-step lesson outline.

  • Printable Craft

    We provide the printable templates, all you need are scissors, glue sticks, and coloring materials!

  • Game

    Our game is designed to target the 3 main learning styles, and gets the kids up and out of their chair interacting with each other. The goal of the game is to help kids practice being a Good Samaritan in their own homes everyday.

  • 4 Activity Pages

    Keep the kids learning (& out of trouble) before and after class with our printable word search, crossword, copywork journaling, and fill-in-the-blanks quiz!

  • Coloring Page

    Help keep younger children engaged in the lesson with our Good Samaritan Coloring Page. Use as a warm up or wind down activity or give some to kids to take home. Print as many as you need.

  • Student Handout

    Our Student Handout is a one page “At-a-Glance” snapshot of what LOVE means in a Biblical sense.

  • Parent Handout

    Our Parent Handout provides all the information they will need to keep the learning going at home including dinner table discussion starters, scripture notes, questions for kids, and scriptures to read at home.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Give kids a Printable Certificate at the end of the lesson for a job well done & a new Bible concept learned!

Mix & match activities to tailor the lesson to the interests & ages of your kids.

We provide more activities than you will need to fill 60-minutes- so you have LOTS of options!

  • Grades K-6

    Appropriate for kids in kindergarten though 6th grade.

  • Mixed-Age Friendly

    Easily accommodates multi-age classrooms!

  • Non-Denominational

    Designed for churches of any Christian denomination.

  • Stand-Alone Lesson

    Kids won’t feel “behind”.  The lesson can be taught on it’s own to those familiar or un-familiar with the Bible.

  • No Experience Necessary

    You don’t have to be a teacher or pastor.  ANYONE can teach these lessons with ease- it’s completely turn-key!

  • Print & Use Today

    The Lesson Kit is DIGITAL. That means you can access it in just minutes from now!

Here's How It Works

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    Print out the lesson materials on your home, office, or church computer in just minutes! (print as many copies as you need!)

  • Teach

    Now you are ready to go!  Have fun sharing God’s word with kids knowing the lesson has been tweaked & perfected ahead of time!

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