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Don't Forget the "Scripture Snack" in Your Child's Lunchbox!

Printable Christ-Centered Lunchbox Notes
Give Your Children the Right Message at the Right Time!

All Christian parents WANT their kids to think about God while they are at school—especially while facing temptations, fears, or challenges.

But sadly, most children seldom thing about God at school.

This is one of the reasons why school is such a breeding ground for gossip, bullying, and other upsetting behavior.

But we have a little "work around".

We've come up with a way you can tuck God's loving guidance into lunchboxes, backpacks, and pockets to lift up children throughout their day at school!

Our Lunchbox Love Notes are small, bright, uplifting scripture cards that deliver the RIGHT message to your child at just the RIGHT time.

We identified 30 common situations children often face at school, and for each one we've selected two verses that would help support or encourage a child in that moment.

We've equipped you with the best of God's Word to serve up along with your child's sandwich- no googling, no hunting around, no trying to find "that one verse" in the midst of the morning rush!

Print them off at home, and pop them into lunches throughout the year when your child needs a boost.

Our Lunchbox Love Notes remind your child of the things that REALLY matter.

Biblical Wisdom for 30 Real Life Childhood Situations:

  • When your child is facing a big test:
  • When your child is learning about other faiths in school:
  • When your child has friends who are getting into trouble:
  • When your child needs to remember God:
  • When your child faces a bully:
  • When your child’s gets fixated on material things:
  • When your child is arguing with a friend:
  • When your child is worried about the future:
  • When your child needs to remember that he is loved:
  • When your child is being made fun of for his or her faith:
  • When your child wants to invite a friend to church:
  • When your child is facing challenges with difficult friends or activities:
  • When you want your child has to make tough choices:
  • When your child has to wait for something:
  • To help your child to appreciate the Bible:
  • To help your child rely on Jesus during the day:
  • When your child has been hurt by others:
  • To help your child be kind to people who are difficult:
  • When your child needs to be brave:
  • When your child feels frustrated:
  • For when your child has made a mistake:
  • To help your child put Jesus first:
  • To help your child have faith:
  • To help your child remember what it means to be a Christian:
  • When your child is facing temptation:
  • When your child feels embarrassed by his/her faith:
  • To remind your child to rely on God for help:
  • When your child needs something that seems too difficult:
  • To remind your child what truly matters:
  • When your child feels like they don’t have enough belongings:

It's Never Been Easier to Tuck God in a Backpack...

  • Everyday Supplies

    You only need paper, scissors, & tape to add God’s Word to lunchboxes, backpacks, pockets, and mirrors.

  • No Big Mess

    The only “clean up” required is throwing paper scraps in a trash can

  • 1 Minute

    It will take you just one minute to tuck one of these notes in your child’s lunchbox.  That’s a very worthwhile 60 seconds!

  • Ages 6-18

    We’ve found that all ages enjoy receiving these Lunchbox Love Notes!  Young children are often excited to share the verses to friends, whereas older kids often enjoy reading them in private.

Here's How It Works

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  • Print Out Your Love Notes!

    Print out as many of the Lunchbox Love Notes as you need.  Your purchase includes reprint  rights for a single church or personal household use.

Print as Many Copies as You Need, Year after Year!

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