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Bring the Bible Alive With Our Printable Bible Masks!

Ready for something out of the box?

Instead of reading about the Bible’s characters- let’s bring them to life!

When kids get to become characters from the Bible, they learn about those people on a much deeper level than a typical Bible lesson.

Our Printable Masks are the ultimate tool for teaching Biblical history:


Our Masks are Unique Works of Art,
Representing 25 Bible Characters that Kids Should Know:

  • Adam
  • The Snake
  • Noah
  • Nimrod
  • Abraham
  • Pharaoh
  • Moses
  • Joshua
  • Rahab
  • Deborah
  • Samuel
  • Saul
  • David
  • Solomon
  • Elijah
  • Job
  • Isaiah
  • Malachi
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • The Angel Gabriel
  • Jesus
  • John the Baptist
  • Apostle Peter
  • Apostle Paul

A "Character Card" Comes Along with Each Mask

Simply print out as many masks as you need and allow the kids to decorate with whatever supplies you have on hand (markers, crayons, feathers, glitter, etc.)

After kids cut out and decorate their masks, they will be ready to become those characters for games and presentations.

Along with each mask is a one-page “Character Card” that provides valuable background & historical information.

Mask of David

David's Character Card

Here are Just Some of the Ways
You Can Use These Masks:

  • Bible Character of the Week

    Each week do a more in-depth study into one Bible Character.  Use the printable mask as a warm-up activity and review the character card at the start of class.  The mask and character card are a great take home resource for parents to use to get their kids talking about what they learned!

  • Bible Character Reports

    Assign each child in your Sunday School class a mask and related character card to present to the class.  You can spread it out and have one presentation a week or have “mask day” and everyone presents on the same day.

  • Play 20 Questions!

    Kids will have to ask strategic questions to guess which mask and character their partner possesses without any clues at all! This game hones skills like deductive reasoning as well as Bible familiarity. (instructions provided)

  • Bible-Mime Game

    Students wear the masks and pantomime their character’s Bible stories, allowing others to guess who they are. (instructions provided)

  • The Chronology game

    Students will have to put on the masks and then put themselves in order chronologically. Understanding who came first is a big part of understanding the Christian worldview, and this fun game will surely help. (instructions provided)

  • Bible Heroes on Parade

    Students will parade around the room or the sanctuary en masque, vying for a chance to win an acting award. If you have students who love to be dramatic, this game offers a great chance to get kids in the spirit of Bible times and events. (instructions provided)

  • Bible Characters Matching Game

    Students will have to think very quickly, matching up masks with the correct character cards. The game will hone memory skills and commit Bible characters to memory. (instructions provided)

Bonus: Game Instructions


We provide detailed instructions for all the games listed above.

You will know exactly how to teach kids to play these games so they go off without a hitch!

If kids play all five games, they will surely have a great base of knowledge about Bible heroes, and even some villains.

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