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Help Parents Make Jesus an Everyday Discussion!

48 Parent Handouts
Chock-Full of Easy Ideas to
Reinforce Christian Values at Home.

In the past decade, a disturbing trend has emerged.

Jesus, the Bible, and Spirituality are becoming topics “Just for Sunday” in MANY Christian households.

These families value their faith, they go to church, they send their kids to Sunday School, but come Monday- their secular lives take over and Christ takes a backseat for 6 long days.

These parents hope that an hour in Sunday School each week is enough to provide the spiritual foundation that will glue their children to their faith for a lifetime.

But it’s not enough.

Seven Days is a LONG TIME for Kids
to go Without Discussing Christ.

But thankfully, it’s not that these parents don’t care about this issue, they just need a bit of help.

And we can help.

Many families don’t discuss their Christian Faith at home for two reasons:

Challenge #1:
They are Busy.

School, Work, Sports, Dinner, Groceries, Homework, Scouts, the list goes on.  Families today are BUSY.  More often than not, devoting time to faith gets pushed off the daily "to-do" list.

Challenge #2:
They are not sure how to start.

If your household hasn’t been one to discuss spirituality, Jesus, & the Bible at home on a regular basis, it can be intimidating to start.

We live in an era of “experts”, and parents are often afraid they will make a mistake or fail their kids in someway.  So instead, they “leave it to the experts” at church and keep their personal faith quiet at home.

But there is a solution…

What Can You do to Keep Jesus from Becoming a Sunday-Only Phenomenon in your Students’ Minds?

Help Parents Keep the Spiritual Discussion Going at Home!

We are here to help you get Christ into home discussions again.

We’ve designed a collection for 48 Parent Handouts that will help families discuss God and the Bible with their children several times a week.

Each handout is strategically brief- only one sheet long- and can be used flexibly to fit the needs of individual busy families.

Discussions can take place at the breakfast or dinner table, in the TV room, as part of bedtime rituals, or even in the car driving home from school!

Each Handout Focuses on a
Topic Important to Christian Families, Such as:

1. How Much Does God LOVE Us?
2. What is Having TRUE FAITH?
3. How do we LOVE each other?
4. Why must we PERSEVERE?
5. When should we have COURAGE?
6. What does it mean to be ENCOURAGING?
7. How do we practice FAIRNESS?
8. What does FORGIVENESS mean?
9. Why is GRATITUDE important?
10. What is CONTENTMENT?
11. Why must we be CHARITABLE?
12. Why is HONESTY so important?
13. How Do I have PEACE?
14. Why should we not be JUDGMENTAL?
15. Why is RELIABILITY important?
17. Why is MODESTY important?
18. Why is HUMILITY important?
19. What happens with GENEROSITY?
20. Why is DETERMINATION Important?
21. Why must we have PATIENCE?
23. What does MODERATION mean?
24. How can we show KINDNESS?

25. What is DILIGENCE?
26. What is TOLERANCE?
27. Why should we pursue EXCELLENCE?
28. How do we practice COURTESY?
29. Why practice GENTLENESS?
30. What does it really mean to have JOY?
31. What is INTEGRITY?
32. Why is BEING ORGANIZED important?
33. What does it mean to have TACT?
34. Why use SELF-CONTROL?
35. What is practicing JUSTICE?
36. Why should we SHARE?
37. What does it mean to be TRUSTWORTHY?
38. Why should we be HELPFUL?
39. What is being an IMITATOR OF CHRIST?
40. What is FLEXIBILITY?
41. What’s so bad about LYING?
42. Why is CHEATING so bad?
43. What’s bad about STEALING?
44. Why not be COMPLAINERS?
45. Why is GOSSIP so wrong?
46. Why is YELLING bad?
47. Is WORRYING wrong?

Inside, parents will find questions, scriptures, quotations, discussion generators, and memorization verses.  There are even 4 handy verses that can be cut out and tucked inside lunch boxes & jacket pockets or taped up on mirrors or the refrigerator.

Here's a Sample Handout:

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The Handouts Solve Common Challenges
that Moms & Dads Face:

  • Challenge #1: They are busy

    If they are BUSY, these one-page wonders spoon-feed a weekly discussion to them.  The format is not intimidating or overwhelming, even for the busiest Moms & Dads.  Most parents look at the one page sheet and think to themselves “I can do this!”.

  • Challenge #2: They are not sure how to start.

    If they need a REASON TO START the discussion of Christ in their home, they can simply tell their kids they got “Parent Homework”.   What child wouldn’t love the thought of their parent getting homework!?

    Plus, the actual WORDS the parents need to say are written for them, so they don’t need to worry about getting tonged-tied or making a mistake.

    The handouts take the edge off parental anxiety.  With our help, parents will once again be comfortable discussing Jesus with their kids, preventing him from appearing to be a Sunday-only concept in their minds.

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    This parent handouts are geared for parents with kids ages 4-12.

  • q-iconDo Your Handouts Cater to A Specific Denomination?

    Our handouts can be used by churches of all denominations, as the topics covered are truly basic to the Christian faith.

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    Your purchase grants you a single church reproduction license.  That means you can print out as many handouts as you need for your own church- year after year!