Teach Sunday School - Pre-Planned Bible Lessons for Busy Sunday School Teachers & Christian Parents

Sweet Praise

I use your children's and teen materials to teach Bible Study for all ages. As Director of Christian Education, I often turn to you for ideas for holiday plays and celebrations, and the children's church group is often supplied with education materials for their ministry from your website.

- Martha Brantley Jackson

We had fun building the lego house blind folded in teams. The kids were amazed at what they did. The messages that go with the lessons, the kids related well to! So many thanks for your time in developing all the lessons!

- Kyllie Caldwell, Kidz for Christ

My kids absolutely love it! The lesson plan is easy to follow and my kids love the superheroes. Comparing bible stories to things they can relate to now is amazing and I can see their growth every week!

- Megan Hill

This product was a good template for the "Superheroes of The Bible" and they're "super powers". We used a lot of the skits and a few of the games and the kids seemed to enjoy them.

- Michaela Brunelle

I have been using the lessons for our small Wednesday night children's ministry for children ranging from 4 - 8 yrs. The children love the object lessons and really enjoy working with the play dough. Thank you for what you do and God bless your ministry!

- Colleen Baker

The kids loved these 3 lesson plans! We did it leading up to Halloween. It really made them think about how God is coming back one day and that there are cool things in the Bible. I loved playing the Lord is coming back game. It really made them think. it was awesome to see if they chose blocks (good deeds) or candy (sin).

- Deanna

We used the "Armor of God" as our VBS curriculum.  The children got really involved in the activities, and the lessons were easy for different age groups to understand.

- Rosie Peralez

It is a quick way to find opening activities that fit a variety of age groups. Older kids can do the word searches or cross word puzzles while younger kids love the mazes and coloring sheets. It saves me lots of time that I would have spent searching the internet for similar resources.

- Jason

I was pleased at how interactive the lessons were. The biblical truths are very powerful and the way it is presented gives the children an opportunity to receive insight and deep revelation from the lessons. It always gives me goosebumps when I hear them speak like bible scholars after a lesson has been taught.

- Keturah Rosato

The stories are short and straight to the point, which the kids love, as well as the puppets! My favorite activity has been doing the "Where is Jesus" craft. The little ones are understanding that Jesus is everywhere - even if they can't see Him. The children built houses, cars, airplanes, etc. out of legos or logs so they would understand that Jesus is everywhere. I truly enjoy teaching the lessons!!!

- Raquel

The Building Blocks lesson is working out just great!  I relate the story first and then I let the kids build the set and then they act out the story. This works so well for us!  Here's a photo taken at our last class!

- Elsa J Lucas

The science experiments and object lessons that go along with the spiritual concepts are perfect for illustrating the examples!  The kids really remember the lesson better with the wow factor of science.  I even use these lessons when I go to Nicaragua to work with children!

- Christy Burdick

The kids were spellbound as the stories were read (even the older ones!). I used the lessons during Children's Church. It takes all the hassle and guess work out of getting a lesson together that they will enjoy!

- Veronica Davis

Your products are soooo helpful! The kids really like the science projects and the snack crafts.  It is great to see smiles on their faces and interest in the Bible subjects.

- Teri MacMaster

The best Sunday school/Children's church curriculum hands down! It is affordable, easy to understand, easy to teach -- IT IS AWESOME!!!! My students love the lessons and I have never needed to run out and pay for supplies that I can only use once. Everything I need are items I have on hand already (standard household/crafting items like crayons or a ball etc. I can't say enough good things about the curriculum at TeachSundaySchool.com.

- Sandy Burke

These lessons are GREAT for our children's church!  The kids are getting involved with the skits and re-acting out the day as if it where real to life for these children. And ALL kids love SuperHeros! Now they are learning about the ones that really count... Thank You!

- Debra Csaszar

Bible Jeopardy makes learning the Bible fun. Because the Youth know that we play it on a regular basis, it inspires them to read and know their Bible.  Bible Jeopardy is more than a fun game -- it is a valuable and inspiring teaching tool!

- Steve

Everything in the lesson is so useful and beautifully designed.  I love everything about it!  The songs, the games, the costume pieces...  The children wore the helmets and carried the swords while we sang the song," The Armor of God."  My Sunday School Program has flourished because of your lessons!!! Thank you for taking such good care of our kids!

- Tonya McAvoy

Your plans have lots of ideas for hands on - like games, "sciencey" object lessons sometimes, interesting facts, the lessons are interesting for young minds not to get distracted easily and good take home pages reinforcing the days learning.

- Renee Robertson

I teach a group of 11-12 year olds, so I was a little hesitant in teaching lessons that involved toys, but God obviously knew better!  My kids were so receptive to the idea of working with Play Doh and building with LegoS. They loved the hands on time, and would chat and talk amongst each other while building. I believe it has brought us closer together as a class and a church family. Thank you!

- Kelli Kane

I was very pleased with "Faith Foundation, Developing A Relationship With God". This is a very simple way of teaching the Lord's Prayer and teaching kids how to talk (pray) with God.  What fun we had with the object lessons and science experiments, and the parents enjoyed seeing the pride the kids had in their crafts!

- Christine Bellavia

I use these lessons in our Sunday School class for 4th - 6th graders. The kids love the games and science projects. Anything hands on and interactive helps in the learning process and makes it more fun!  The David and Goliath Lesson was their favorite...

- Chris Robinson