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Discover How to Help Teens
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AWESOME Relationship
With God!

 New Lesson Pack Shows Teens:

  • How to REALLY Talk to God
  • How to REALLY Hear God
  • & How to REALLY Follow God’s Leading in Their Lives!

A new study has shown that over half of all kids walk away from Christ after high school – which is a heartbreaking statistic.

This means that we must do a better job of reaching teens starting now!

As a Sunday School Director, I know how hard it can be to get through to teens. They are widely considered the most challenging of any age group!

They are well on their way to adulthood, which means they often don’t want to hear from older adults about how to do things.

And while some can have sweet dispositions; others can be cynical and/or withdrawn.

To make matters worse, in today’s modern society they must deal with a number of different temptations daily.

But does all of that mean we should just give up? OF COURSE NOT.

The Truth is Many Teens are Searching
for Something More …

They need God in their lives and may surprise you with how agreeable they can be to listening to messages about him.

To help you reach the teenagers in your church, I’ve created a new cutting-edge resource called, “Freedom Ride: 12 Lessons of Faith for Today's Teens."

12 Full Weeks of Teen Bible Lessons

  • How to Get Started:

    Lesson 1: How to Talk with God

    Lesson 2:  How to Hear God

    Lesson 3: Three Reasons We Don’t Hear God

    Lesson 4: Following God’s Lead

  • How to Behave:

    Lesson 5: Drinking & Drugs (and the psychology of stooping so low)

    Lesson 6: Gossips and Other Trumpet Mouths

    Lesson 7: Peer Pressure 1: You’re Not a Zit (so don’t let people squeeze you)

    Lesson 8: Peer Pressure 2: You’re like a Balloon (so don’t end up deflated)

    Lesson 9: Facebook Fights and Texting Wars

  • How to Grow:

    Lesson 10: Finding Your Gifts from God

    Lesson 11: Putting Yourself in the Other Guy’s Shoes

    Lesson 12: Loving Your Brothers ‘n’ Sisters

It’s Time to Answer the Challenge & Let Teens Know Just How Important They are to God!

We can sit here and talk about how stubborn and difficult to reach teenagers can be but here’s the truth – God is able to work with them NOW!

God can and will work through you to meet the needs of these kids deemed “most challenging,” and we’re here to give you some of the best help available.

Freedom Ride has been carefully designed to be relevant and engaging to today’s teenagers.

It will make them laugh and cry, talk and listen … and most importantly it will help them grow in Christ as they proceed through each lesson that has been specially crafted by an expert in teen behavior.

Here’s a Glimpse Inside Each Lesson:

  • Lesson Capsule

    Gives you an at-a-glance view of what students will learn from each lesson and why it’s important.

  • Materials List

    We provide a detailed list of everything you will need for the lesson so you can easily prepare.  Often what you’ll need is quite easy to gather – most lessons involve household objects plus things from a general supply closet.

  • Preparations Guide

    This guide will show you in a few sentences what you need to do before the lesson to make it run smoothly. For example, you might need to print out a worksheet for each teen coming to your class.

  • Lesson Complete with Teaching Script

    We provide a complete turn-key lesson each week that includes discussion & activities.  We provide a “teaching script” to use a reference, so you will never feel off track.

  • Small Group Discussion Starters

    We provide 1-page “Discussion Starters” to be used in small groups.  These questions were designed to get kids talking, looking up scripture in their Bibles, and really THINKING about their Faith.

  • "Help All Week" Handouts

    These handouts can be used as a warm-up activity, homework, or just a weekly reminder handout.

Here's How It Works

  • Secure Instant Access

    As soon as your order is securely processed, we’ll direct you to a download area, where you can get instant access to the complete lesson pack.

  • Download To Your Computer or Mobile Device

    The files are delivered in PDF format, so you can download them to your computer, or directly to your mobile device.

  • Or Print Out a Hard Copy

    If you prefer to have a hard copy, you can print out the entire lesson pack from your home computer! (Or just print out as many of the handouts as you need)

I like that these lessons are real in light of todays youth and the things they deal with. I like that they are practical and the prep time/supplies needed are common everyday things I can find around the house. If I'm needing an object for the lesson it is usually something i dont have to go out and purchase.

- Candice Potter

Grab Teens’ Attention & Keep It With “Freedom Ride”!

We all know how hard it is to keep teens’ attention when they’re together in a group – especially when teachers in school have demanded their attention all week.

To combat this, we’ve developed a lesson pack that covers the subjects teens want and need to learn about. 

From texting to Facebook to peer pressure to gossip to heavy duty partying, they’re all covered and come with perhaps some of the best practical and spiritual solutions available (if I do say so myself).

Remember, kids tend to listen when the subjects are about them and when they may be getting help in critical areas, perhaps for the first time!

So what are you waiting for?

Order “Freedom Ride” Today & Start Reaching the Teens in Your Church!

Order now and you’ll pay just $9.99 for this complete set of 12 lessons.

Plus, the complete package is available as a downloadable "ebook" so that you can get all the content immediately with no printing, packing, shipping or handling expenses.

You can have everything in just minutes from now!

Use the content how you see fit. You can supplement your current lessons with these "hot potato lesson topics", or present all 12 lessons in a row, it’s up to you.

At our church, we present one of these lessons each month throughout the year as an optional evening “Teen Workshop”. Parents sign their teens up for as few or as many workshops as they like.

The response has been tremendous. We've had to start a waiting list because our classroom simply cannot accommodate all the attendees!

Order Now & Receive the Following
Bonus Gift for FREE!

Printable "Fill-in-the-Blanks" Workshop Flyer

Use our printable 8.5 X 11 poster to publicize “Teen Workshops” at your church! Print off as many copies as you need year after year! Simply fill in the blanks!

Our Promise to You:

We are so sure that you will love the  Freedom Ride Lesson Pack that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the material, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

Pamela Carver Pamela Carver

It can be so difficult to find material to reach your teens without it seeming "lame" to them. I believe these lessons have the tools that will touch teen's hearts and open their eyes to true freedom.

Beth Beth

Freedom Ride is great, what you provide is far better than what I could have prepared. Your materials are quality and definitely time savers!  I love how everything I need is there! Thank you so very much!

John McFarland John McFarland

Excellent Product. The lessons are well planned with enjoyable material for the students. It was developed in such a way that allowed for open communication about the topics each week.

Stephanie Turner Stephanie Turner

What I love about this lesson pack most is the subjects. This will help me be able to help the children with everyday problems that they are having in today's society.

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  • q-iconWhat age level is this for?

    Our lessons and activities are geared for teens ages 13-19.

  • q-iconDo You Lessons Cater to A Specific Denomination?

    Our lessons can be used by churches of all denominations, as the topics covered are truly basic to the Christian faith. In addition, any Bible translation can be used.

  • q-iconHow Much Prep Time is Involved?

    Each lesson was designed to be taught after only 5-10 minutes of “prep time”. You don’t need to go around collecting  materials or spending an hour before class getting organized. You can literally “print & go”.

  • q-iconAre The Lessons for Home or Church Use?

    Both!  We provide plenty of options and suggestions to make the lessons work in just about any setting- regardless of the number of teens you are trying to inspire. They work equally well in large youth groups and small single child homeschooling family settings.