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50 Valentine Printables
that Teach Kids to Celebrate
God's Love While They
Color, Draw, and Solve Puzzles!

Mazes, Coloring Sheets, Word Puzzles,
Cryptograms, & Crosswords
for Kids Ages 4-12!

Valentine’s Day is about love—love of friends, family members, and even pets!

But where does love actually come from?

It all starts with a God.

When we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we should put God’s love at the top of the list, because without his love for us, we wouldn’t have any love for others.

Our Valentine Printables are great 5-10 minute time fillers that remind Christian children about what’s really important on Valentine’s Day.

Here's a look at what's Inside:

We include the following based on Scripture:

  • Mazes
  • Crosswords
  • Wordsearches
  • Coloring Sheets
  • Cryptograms & Puzzles
  • Bible Treasure Hunts

For younger kids, we have coloring pages, easier mazes, and word searches.

For older children, we have more difficult versions of mazes, word searches, tiles, and cryptograms—a variety that should fit every age group!

These will help children learn more about the greatest love of all—God’s love for us--just by having fun!

Themes like God’s Bible Valentines to His People, Worshipful Verses that Describe God’s Love, and How do We Love Each Other will give kids a better idea of the best love we could celebrate on Valentine’s Day.

Wrapped in word searches, crosswords, cryptograms, and more, these activities will keep kids learning without them even realizing it.

Kids will have fun learning what Love is all about with our 50 fun activity pages.  They’ll color, draw, and fill in puzzles, all the while learning:

  • The greatest Bible passages that read like a love letter from God to man (Isaiah);
  • New Testament writers who experienced the love of Christ first-hand and wrote it down for us (Apostles John & Paul);
  • Concepts that help kids understand how big God’s love is.

We’ve picked Bible passages that reveal God’s love, and we’re putting kids’ heads right into the middle of them!

They will find comfort and peace, yet be blown away by the bigness of God’s love—all while having fun!

Here are Just Some of the Ways You Can
Use These Valentine Printables:

  • School or Church Valentines

    Print off our mazes, coloring sheets, crosswords, & puzzles for your kids to distribute at their school and/or church Valentine Party!

    Want to go the extra mile?  Print them on red or pink paper to make them extra festive.  I’ve even had the big kids help fold the Printables into heart shapes to share them with their friends.

  • Kiddo Entertainment

    Let’s face it, we all need to keep the kids busy while we cook, clean, work, fold laundry, answer emails, etc.!

    Instead of a TV show, how about giving the m a stack of fun Valentine Printables?

  • Children’s Table Activity

    Do you have a children’s table at your family get togethers?  Instead of having to “shush” kids who are getting a little rambunctious waiting for dinner or dessert, give them something constructive to do!

  • Outreach Tools

    Our church often sets up information booths at various community events. We always have a “childrens table” set up for kids loaded up with these Printables.

  • Sunday School Homework.

    Send students home with a fun worksheet that echoes the days lesson (a great discussion starter for parents!)

  • Flu Folder.

    Every classroom should have a “flu folder” during the winter loaded with these printables that we can whip out if a teacher (or student) suddenly falls ill.

  • Sunday School 5-10 Minute Time Fillers

    Sometimes a lesson doesn’t take quite as long as we thought it would, these can help fill in the gap!

    Also great for when children arrive early or are waiting to get picked up.

  • Travel Projects.

    Are you heading out on a long trip by air, train, or car? Print out worksheets to keep the kids busy (& thinking) during your travels.

  • Bulletin Board Displays.

    Display the children’s coloring sheets & puzzles on a church bulletin board outside your Sunday School classroom.

  • Sunday School “Valentine Surprise”

    Every year I roll up a set of 5 Printables for each of my students and tie a bow around the package with a red ribbon and 3 crayons.  I give them this little gift on the last Sunday School before Valentines.

    The kids LOVE getting a fun surprise, and the parents always thank me for giving a present that kept their kids entertained while they got something off their to-do list!

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Our Promise to You:

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If you are not completely satisfied with the material, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

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And the best part:

Print off as Many Printables
as You Need.
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