28 Outstanding Object Lessons

Discover How to Use
Everyday Household Items
(Flashlights, Sneakers, Tupperware Containers, Mittens, Etc.)
to Illustrate Biblical Truths to Kids.

Are You Using “Object Lessons” to teach the Bible?

If not, you should be!

In case you aren't familiar, Object Lessons involve taking an everyday item (flashlight, tupperware container, sneaker, etc.) and using it to illustrate a Biblical truth to your students.

It's a great technique for grabbing children's attention and introducing them to some of the more abstract concepts in the Bible.

Here’s a few examples:

  • An extension cord can be used to represent the power of the Holy Spirit that keeps us "plugged in" to our father!
  • Mittens, hats and snow wear represent "the whole armor of God"
  • Cell phones remind us to “phone home” often when God’s on the other end of the line

That’s just three examples, there are many more. To help you start using these examples in your classroom to reach your own students, we have created a new lesson pack containing 28 fully-developed object lessons.

Introducing The Outstanding
Lessons Pack!

Now you can get 28 deeply impactful, yet simple object lessons that use common household items to reveal the nature of God … all in one convenient and inexpensive resource.

Here's a glimpse inside:

Outstanding Object Lessons

Each of the 28 lessons includes a Message Overview, Scripture References, Materials Lists, Preparation Notes, and Concluding Prayer.
You’ll also get a step by step Teaching Script containing the exact words you can use to drive the true meaning of the lesson home.
Most lessons take between 10 and 15 minutes if they are taught exactly as presented. (But you can easily shrink or expand the object lesson to fit your time constraints)
These lessons contain interactive elements that all your students can participate in, regardless of their age or reading level.
Object Lessons can be used by any Denomination with any Bible translation.

The only "materials" you'll need are already lying around your house!

Here’s a Sample Object Lesson:
"Fizzy Faith"
(Click Image to Enlarge & Print 3-Page Sample)

Fizzy Faith Sample Object Lesson


Now Take a Look at What These Lessons Cover:

How our relationship with God can be seen like a button – and how to ensure we “sew” ourselves to God with prayer!
Why the difference in our lives before meeting Christ and after is like the difference between plain water and sparkling water!
Why when Jesus comes back he’ll be more like a “light bulb” than a “flame to a candle!”
The REAL reason God doesn’t just give us tons of stuff – even when we think we deserve it!
Why sins are sticky and how Jesus is like soap capable of washing away that sticky sin if we just ask for forgiveness!
Why a bouquet is more beautiful than a single flower and how to use this simple concept to become a strong charitable giver!
How the Holy Spirit changes us from flat to sharp and gives us a “point”!
Why God wants us each to “phone home” every day!
Why we are deep sea fish now but are destined to become soaring gulls in heaven!
Why God forgives sins like a paper shredder and why that should make us feel so good about our futures!
How to plug into God and recharge when life depletes us!
How God cuts our lives back so that a more beautiful life can bloom!
How God’s spirit is like a Tupperware container protecting us from people and situations that might make us hardened and spoiled!
How God is like a shoe – our “soul protector”!
How to use mittens, hats and snow wear will help children learn to don "the whole armor of God."
And much, much more!


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Mary-Kate Warner

P.S. Remember Jesus with the fish and loaves? The mustard seed? The inscription on the
? The point He made with each object?

You can do the same thing using everyday items to create modern day faith metaphors.

P.P.S. Remember that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If Outstanding Object Lessons isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify me within 60 days and I will refund your money immediately.

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