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It can be argued that one of the most important tasks in children’s ministry is to turn kids’ hearts toward giving.

While in the Bible we are never specifically commanded to give, the example set by God – who sent his only son to die for our sins – and Jesus – who spent his entire ministry giving back and helping those in need – clearly indicate that giving should be an important part of the Christian lifestyle.

Giving draws us closer to those around us and closer to God as well. Unfortunately, teaching children to give is often not the easiest of tasks.

For example, for children to give of their time, they must have parents willing to drive or participate as well, and everyone is busy these days.

Beyond time constraints, there are some psychological challenges having to do with children’s maturity levels that can also affect the willingness to give.

On the one hand, some psychologists believe that putting oneself in the shoes of others is a “mature” skill, and most children are unable to do it until the age of 14 or so.

Teachers who combat bullying on a regular basis in schools may bear this out.

However, most authorities also agree that children can feel important about giving, can enjoy the pleasure of making someone happy, and can live up to the expectation of being charitable.

And the Importance of Teaching Children to Give
at a Young Age Can’t Be Over-Estimated …

Numerous studies have shown that children who learn to be charitable at an early age will consider charity a lifelong practice, and children who are not expected to participate in charitable endeavors at an early age tend to become self-absorbed adults.

Which brings me to the purpose of this web page ...

Hi, I’m Mary-Kate Warner and I’ve been a Sunday School Director for the past 11 years and during that time teaching children to give through simple service projects has been not only my favorite part of the job but also the most rewarding part of the job.

As you probably know if you’ve been dealing with kids for very long – they can be inclined toward selfishness.

But by becoming involved in charity and service they will start to gain an understanding of others’ needs.

They will learn about sacrifice and about putting others in front of themselves.

In short, they will gain the foundation they need to become a good person … a Godly person.

So here’s what I’ve done …

I’ve Taken my 100 Favorite, Most Effective
Simple Service Projects for Children’s Ministry
& Put Them in One Easy-to-Use Collection!

Now you don’t have to worry about:

Finding a project that is easy enough for kids to do

Or finding a project that doesn’t require a lot of time from parents
Or finding a project that kids will quickly understand and gain meaning from

Now you can have everything you need right at your fingertips. 100 Simple Service Projects for Children’s Ministry will save you time and frustration and will allow you to have a deep positive impact on your students’ lives.

You’ll learn:

How to start with easy projects that will help children develop a life-long love of giving!
Why when it comes to young kids – charity really does start at home!
How to take the next step and get kids to provide meaningful service to their neighborhood and community!
How your kids could even change the world … without interrupting any parent’s busy schedule!
A quick, easy way your kids could help the local neighborhood – after reading this you may feel like slapping your forehead and saying “now why didn’t I think of that?”
How to help enterprising children who want to start their own charity!
How to provide service to large charities in America and overseas – I’ve even included a list of charities that are well-known, well-rated and that provide the easiest fundraising instructions!
And much, much more!

Get the “Easy” Projects You Need to Get Kids
Involved in Giving …

“Easy” here refers to the amount of time, organization, paperwork and commitment involved.

After all, four service projects that take an hour each can have the same impact as an all-day affair.

The most important thing is that the young giver be aware that he is giving, and his services have made others happier, more comfortable, safer, etc.

In today’s world, giving has become less of a priority due to harder-working parents and children devoting more time to school.

Therefore an important first lesson in 100 Simple Service Projects for Children’s Ministry is that “charity begins at home.”

Home-based service projects in this collection require an hour or two of service and few organizational skills from parents and group leaders.

It is likely that kids who participate in home-based service will be more likely to graduate on to all-day service projects and even projects of their own design when they get older. Some home-based projects are suitable for children as young as four, while others require some reading or handling of gardening tools or other equipment, and therefore are suited only for older children.

From that beginning, we’ll transition you into providing service projects for the local community.

The projects will give kids a connection with their neighbors and community leaders.

Neighborhood charity can be easy, and if handled correctly, it will instill in children a sense of looking out for others outside the family.

From there, you’ll find ways to help community charities as well as ways you can help national and international charities.

So Are You Ready to Get Started?

Are You Ready to Help Your Students Start Making a Difference in the Neighborhood … in the
Community … in the World?
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Remember: this resource gives you all the very best children’s service projects as well as tips and advice in one easy-to-use resource.

Why spend hours and hours researching projects that may or may not be easy … may or may not be good for kids … may or may not be time-consuming and difficult … when you can get everything you need to develop a life-long love of giving in your students in this one convenient, inexpensive resource?

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Getting 100 Simple Service Projects for Children’s Ministry is Your Chance to Completely Bypass the Frustrating & Often Expensive Learning Stage That Usually Accompanies Organizing a Children’s Service Project

100 Simple Service Projects for Children’s Ministry is filled with practical tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes Sunday School teachers and parents usually make – saving you valuable time and money and allowing you to discover the absolute surest path to helping your students help others.

In fact, after reading, 100 Simple Service Projects for Children’s Ministry you will know exactly how to get your kids interested in service projects – and since this resource is available as an instant download you will be able to begin benefiting from the expert advice and information it contains immediately!

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Here’s the Bottom Line on This
Incredible Resource:

We are coming out of an era that has been considered greedy and selfish.

Before the economy tumbled, many Americans spent a couple decades absorbed in debt, fixated on material gain, and showing less concern for others than was common in the decades preceding.

However, today’s difficult times are creating in many a new empathy, compassion and willingness to serve others.

In other words, this is a great time to get kids involved in charity!

So why make yourself go through all the stress and hard work that most Sunday School teachers go through when trying to organize a service project?

When you could save yourself a lot of hard work as well as valuable time and money by getting 100 Simple Service Projects for Children’s Ministry today?

You’ll discover:

How to create in your students a love for helping others that will last a lifetime
How to identify the very best charity opportunities for your kids
How to grab your students’ attention and get them interested in giving back to others
What every Sunday School teacher must know to organize a successful service project for his or her class
Complete blueprints for how your kids can help at home, in the neighborhood, in the community and even nationally and globally
Step-by-step easy-to-understand projects that are packed with meaning and that kids will love to do
How to turn giving back into a fun project that will energize your students and make them eager to participate
And much more!

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Mary-Kate Warner

P.S. Remember Matthew 25:40  “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Teach your students now while they are young and impressionable the importance and the meaningfulness and the pure fun of giving back to others. Order 100 Simple Service Projects for Children’s Ministry now by clicking here.

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Still questioning whether 100 Simple Service Projects for Children’s Ministry is right for you? Email me to learn more about how this resource can benefit you – and your students.

100 Simple Service Project ideas for Kids

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