Is Sunday School Stressing You Out and Eating Up Your Time?

"In 5 Minutes a Week, You Can Have Unique Sunday School Crafts Prepared That Will Entrance Your Students, Keep Them Interested For A Solid Hour, And Help Them Understand The Bible Even More Deeply And More Meaningfully Than Most Adults!"

Finally!  Someone has developed a step-by-step collection of pre-planned Sunday School Crafts.  Spend your time with the kids instead of knocking yourself out with preparation. 

Teachers Rave and Churches Report Amazing Results That Changed Their Sunday School classes Literally Overnight!

"The lessons kept my children captivated and energetic for the whole class. I am so very happy and I cannot wait to plan my next lesson!!!"
-Barbara B.

"I teach a class in a small church, so I teach a wide age range. I love how the lessons are organized and easy to follow -- perfect!" -Amy B.

"I was looking for a Sunday School curriculum that taught these lessons and there it was and at an affordable price!!!! Once again thank you!!"
-Becky C.

"I like the Sunday School Lesson Plans. It caters to all ages. Continue your effort and God Bless You!"
-Angie M.

"The activities for the children are terrific. They are easy to prepare, and we already have most of the supplies needed!"
-Claudette, Canada

"Thanks for all of your ideas they added to our curriculums and made the classes more fun! (P.S.- Love the Scavenger Hunts!)"
-Dianna M.

"I enjoy the various ideas for the different ages! I enjoy having craft ideas for the kids because now a days, kids respond alot to hands-on learning! Thank you!!!"
-Carol :-)

"Your lessons are very easy to follow. Thank you for taking the time to put these lessons together for us."
-Mary F., Pastor's wife
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Fallon, NV

"The lessons are fun and easy to use! Bless you for all your work and creativity!!"
-Toy C.

Mary-Kate Warner
11:02 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Say "good-bye" to the hours you spend preparing for Sunday School! 

Say "hello" to 5 minutes of prep. time before class. 

You can astonish your class with interesting, fun, meaningful lessons WITHOUT reinventing the wheel every week.  I have a pile of child-tested, proven lessons packed with easy-to-prepare crafts all ready for you to claim as your very own.  At last... a step-by-step shortcut to Sunday School!

These lessons are loaded with 187 Sunday School Crafts!

In addition to all the step-by-step crafts, you'll also get these teaching goodies…

• Treasure hunts, drama activities and role playing
• Unique, fun, and effective new song ideas
• Word puzzles, anagrams and secret code breaking
• Fun quiz games customized for each age level
 "It's In The News" - the faith based, fun journalism game my students ask for by name!

Children learn in many different ways, and this is why my lesson plans take a multi-sensory approach, you’ll easily be able to bring the bible’s teachings to life!

These lessons & crafts have been tested with the worst groups of kids imaginable... and they LOVE them.  I've kept all my winning ideas, and now they can be yours!

The collection as grown to 52 Sunday School Lesson Plans!

An entire years worth of rock-solid material!

Each lesson plan contains 4 modules.  Each module is customized with laser-targeted activities for ages 2-5, 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14.

That’s over 500 PAGES of Sunday School gold, jam-packed with the crafts, tips, secrets, and strategies that have transformed the Sunday School programs of over 375 churches just like yours.

These aren’t your grandma’s lesson plans either.  These are made for modern kids living in a modern world.  Instead of just learning the stories of the bible, children understand how the Christian value depicted in the lesson relates to THEIR LIFE. 

For YEARS I had a love/hate relationship with my Sunday School Class.

I loved the children, but was a so-so teacher.  I just never had time to do it right. I was always scrambling to throw together crafts and stories last minute...then, one day, I discovered a cool way to create the best lessons around. 

These lessons weren’t developed in the corporate office of some publisher; these were developed by REAL teachers who “tested” the lessons and crafts with their own classes.  And because I've walked in YOUR shoes, I know how much time you have to prepare. 

I guarantee that my lessons and crafts will only require 5-10 short minutes of your time before class.

I also guarantee that the lessons will WOW everyone, even if you have a shoestring budget and limited materials!

Here’s just a taste of what you’re about to learn…

• Seven fool-proof techniques for getting your class to refocus if you feel things getting slightly “out of hand”

• How to overcome the single most difficult aspect of teaching Sunday School to today’s children.

• Effortlessly relate Bible verses to topics that interest today's kids and teens (you'll see how John 13: 1-17 can teach your students a lesson about buying a new iPod!)

• How to get more class participation that you ever thought possible!  (you’ll be amazed when you learn this!)

• What words you should never say if you want the kids to learn from and retain your lessons.

• 3 strategies for managing classes with mixed ages.  How to teach to 2 year olds and 12 year olds in the same class at the same time!

• The single best way ever discovered to tackle the difficult topics impacting today’s young Christians.

• Prayer, readings, activities, songs, and games that are customized for ages 2-5, 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14

 How to prepare for your Sunday School class in way less time and with easier instructions than a Betty Crocker Cake Mix!

• How to make sure one student’s negative energy doesn’t ruin your class.

• 5 deadly mistakes most Sunday School Teachers make when teaching and how to avoid them!

• Activities that will energize sleepy kids on Sunday morning or rejuvenate worn out kids late Wednesday night.

• Blockbuster crafts that won’t break the bank- most can be done for pennies.

• How to teach amazing classes in non-ideal environments. I’ve used these lessons in a cramped attic in 100 degree heat with a back-hoe and jackhammer right outside.

• What you can do if you need to increase your class attendance.

• Each lesson is jam-packed with up to 3 hours of power-packed ready-to-go material.

• People will think you spent hours preparing, when you actual spent minutes!

• The 2 basic elements found in every successful (and memorable) Sunday School Lesson.

• The 10 easiest bible stories/topics that “rookie” teachers can call upon and master in 5 minutes.

• The Real Reason some Sunday School teachers are well liked and others hated.

• Exact word-for-word lessons that won over hundreds of kids…and how to adapt those same lessons for you own class!

• How to easily “position” yourself as a trusted resource for the kids in your class.

• How to turn everyday items in your pocket or purse into powerful teaching tools to convey gods word.

• How to handle your OWN children in your class

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And that’s not nearly all.

You’ll discover much more in this unique Sunday School Lesson Collection.

And what’s really great is that
You Can be Flipping Through The
Lessons In The Next 30 Seconds…and
Teaching One Of The Lessons 5 Minutes Later!

Sunday School Lesson PlansYou can invest in this amazing curriculum right now and actually start “digging into” these Lesson Plans within 30 seconds…yes, that’s right…WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can be "sitting" in my Sunday School Class, while I show you all our tricks and techniques for planning amazing Sunday school lessons in 5 minutes flat!

The 52 Sunday School Lesson Plans are downloadable. 

There is no waiting for the mailman to deliver your lessons, no fancy programs are needed, you’ll be able to read and print from any computer. 

You get everything –the entire collection of lessons & crafts- in minutes!

You can print everything at once, or you can do what most teachers do and just print out the lesson they are focusing on for the week.

Immediately after your order is processed; you'll be directed to a secure download page.  The lesson plans are available in Microsoft Word and PDF format.  Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about computers, I show you how to download them step-by-step.  Anyone can do it! 

Click here to instantly receive your Sunday School lesson plans!

And don’t worry- you’re never “on your own”.

We are always available to you via e-mail in case you have any problems or questions!
Still not convinced?

There is something else I’d like to offer you in addition to the 52 lesson plans…

In addition to the lesson plans, my team and I also created a few other tools to put in our personal “Sunday School Teacher Tool Belts”, and I just wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t have these also (because they work so well!). 

Unfortunately, some of these bonuses have limited availability.
Right now, the bonuses you see below are still available and will be included with your order, but if you return tomorrow and the bonus is not listed, that most likely means we ran out and it is no longer available.  So hurry up and get these neat-o bonuses while you still can...

Nifty Bonus #1: Holiday Lesson Plans! ($39 Value)

 Holiday Lesson Plans

Sunday School Teachers always feel pressure to “over deliver” in their classes on the big Christian Holidays. These lesson plans don’t disappoint! Children and Parents alike will love these creative, inspirational holiday lesson plans.  These are PACKED with never-before-seen Holiday Crafts.

In addition to the Traditional Christian Holidays, we’ve also included “special lessons” to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Thanksgiving

Nifty Bonus #2: Recordings of the "Sunday School Top 20" ($39 Value)

 Sunday School Top 20

20 of the Top Sunday School Songs from the Lesson Plans have been professionally recorded for your classroom use! You can print out the words and sing along to the music with your class.

You can listen the the audio recordings over the computer or burn the files on a CD to bring to class.

Great sing-a-long fun!  The Top 20 hits include...

If You're A Good Neighbor | God Created Heaven And Earth | Old Man Noah | We Can Be A Follower | Let Me Build My House | Jesus Washed Their Feet | Jesus Loves Me | Jesus Christ is Risen Today | I Have Gifts

...and many more original Sunday School Hits!

    Nifty Bonus #3: Sunday School Recipe Book! ($26 Value)

 Sunday Schoo Recipes

For a very limited time, you can get your hands on my "secret" Sunday School Recipe Book. This is loaded with 120 kid-pleasing delights.

The recipes can be prepared by the children (with some adult help) or are perfect to bring along to Church parties! Sometimes it is nice to have something a little different than boring rice crispy treats!

   Nifty Bonus #4: Lifetime Updates ($109 Value)

 Sunday School Updates

As part of this Internet Offer,you'll get access to unlimited "Sunday School Lesson Plans" updates.

That's right, all updated versions, addition features, bonuses, etc. will be sent right to your inbox. FREE!

You'll have the latest information and tools before anyone else.

I know you’re probably thinking 52 lessons covering a years worth of teaching material and all these handy bonuses is probably going to cost you a lot of money. 


I know what its like to work on a tight budget.  And honestly, I only decided to make our lesson collection available to the public because I see a “Christian education meltdown” happening in churches (small and large) across the country.  The next generation needs high quality Christian education, and Sunday School teachers like you need more support and direction than you’re getting right now. 

I could easily charge $600 for the material I'm offering you today.  (Lots of companies charge more than $600 for material that isn’t half as teacher friendly). 

Remember, this is a collection of 52 Lessons that you can use over and over again, year after year, the collection is being used as the primary Sunday School Curriculum in over 375 churches across the country.  Why?

Because it Works!

Today, you can get the entire lesson & craft collection for just $37.77.  Click Here To Get Started!

With the budget-friendly lesson and craft ideas in the book, you will easily save that much in your first few months using the lessons!

That breaks down to less than $1.00 a lesson!  For the price of a cup of “very cheap” coffee you can remove all the stress from teaching Sunday School.  Think how great you’ll feel on Saturday night when you aren’t struggling to think of a craft for your class. 

Will this book help you? Will it help you finally find balance between your life and teaching Sunday School? Here's how you can find out without risking a single penny...

100% “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee


Go ahead and order the Lesson Plans. Keep them for 30-days and try them out. Then, if you are unhappy with it for any reason (or no reason at all), send an e-mail (along with your order number) to and we will cheerfully rush you a full refund.

And you can STILL keep the entire lesson plan collection for FREE!

(Maybe you have a friend who might like them)

There’s no questions asked, no funny business, and no “wiggle clauses”. You either love the lesson plans & crafts you get your money back right away.

Please don’t hesitate on your order, I’d hate for you to miss out on the bonuses that are being given to you for free with your order today.  Your order is processed on our secure servers, your privacy is 100% protected.  There are 4 payment options for your convenience: Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express), Debit Card, Check, or Paypal.

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All The Best,

Mary-Kate Warner

P.S.- Still not convinced?  Then check out what other Sunday School teachers are saying….

  I am teaching 4/5 yr. olds and I think the lessons are just right for my group of young, eager babes who are active and on the move a lot. They comprehend the lessons and I like all of the goodies w/the added snacks and craft ideas! They are fun and easy to use and something that is easily comprehended by them. Thanks for all the work you have done on the sight and I have downloaded hundreds of pages!!!!! Bless you for all your work and creativity!!

Thanks, Toy C.

  I used three lessons this week incorporated into one (Creation, The Garden of Eden and The Fall) and was so very pleased with the outcome. The ideas I chose from each kept my children captivated and energetic for the whole class lesson. I am so very happy and I cannot wait to plan my next lesson!!!

-Barbara B.

  I am so thankful that you came up with the lesson plans set up the way that you have!!!  It was a blessing in disguise. I was looking for a Sunday School curriculum that taught these lessons and there it was and at an affordable price!!!! All of the teachers love it too because it is exactly the right amount of time needed. Once again thank you!!

-Becky C.

I like the Sunday School Lesson Plans. It caters to all ages. Continue your effort and God Bless You!

-Angie M.

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