Bible Skits for Kids

Discover 12 NO-REHEARSAL
Bible Skits That Are Both
Fun AND Meaningful!

What Better Way to Bring the Bible Alive for Kids
Than Put Them Right in the Middle of the Action
With Well-Written, Entertaining Skits?

Skits are one of my all-time favorite Bible teaching tools.

Here's why:

As you probably know, there are three types of learning styles:

1) Visual Learners: Those who learn by seeing
2) Auditory Learners: Those who learn by hearing
3) Kinesthetic Learners: Those who learn by doing

There's only one technique I know of that
effectively teaches to all 3 learning styles
at the same time: SKITS!

Skits have been used as a teaching tool for thousands of years.

They've survived the test of time because they WORK.

And in today's media driven society, I'm finding they work even BETTER than other teaching methods.

In my experience there are 3 "keys" to successfully incorporating skits into your Bible lessons:

They must be short, yet message driven. (too long and the kids get bored)
There shouldn't need to be a "rehearsal", "prep-time", or a "hunt for props". Effective skits should be completely turn-key on the day you want to teach.
Most importantly, the script needs to be MODERN, written in the same words used by today's kids. (this is KEY)

I know it can Be HARD to find useable skits that Are short, message driven, require zero prep, and are written in a language for today's kids.

Believe me- I searched for quality skits for years.

Finally, I got fed up and started writing my own skits.

Today, for the first time ever, I'm releasing my own "vault" of 12 skits in my brand new Teaching Resource: Ready-to-Go Bible Skits for Kids

Here's a Look Inside:

Bible Skits

Skits From the Old Testament:

Noah Goes to Sea for You and Me (And He Puts Up With a Lot of Bullies to Get There)

Moses Thinks He’s a Dork but God Says to Get Over It

Rahab Rats Out the Bad Guys (and the Cooler Side of Lying, Gossiping, Stealing)

Elijah Blows Smoke All Over the Prophets of Baal

The Lions Are Tossed a Daniel Sandwich

Jonah Almost Becomes a Whale-Snack
Skits From the New Testament:
Jesus Tells Satan to Go Pound Sand
Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man
Zacchaeus Gets a Special Guest for Dinner
The Disciples Get to See the Risen Christ
Jesus Walks on Water

Plus, a Bonus Modern-Day Skit:

Godfrey, Eva, and Adam (A Then-And-Now Creation Story)

You'll find it easy to teach Bible truths with these 12 no-prep skits.

At 10 mintues each, they're quick and easy, but guaranteed to deliver a Bible-based message that children will remember!

The skits are clearly indexed by topic, making it simple to find one to fit just about any need.

They're humorous, engaging, and modern. Each skit has a wonderful take-away lesson for kids.

Inside, you'll find everything you need
to get up and running quickly, including:

12 Complete easy-to-use scripts that can be reproduced as many times as needed at no extra charge (use it year after year if you like). Print off the skits one at a time or all at once- up to you!
List of suggested props- Nearly everything can be easily found in any family house! No big shopping trips required.
List of characters.
Stage Directions to help children act out the story
Single Church Reproduction License- This means you can make as many photocopies of the skits as you need for your own church purposes (to give to students, teachers, etc.)
We understand church groups come in all shapes and sizes and with varying needs so we’ve included Flexibility Notes that tell you how to use the script with only four or five students or how to divide parts if you have more students than a script calls for!
Discussion Questions- designed to get kids to think about the characters and the problem, and how the problem applies to their lives today.

Our Skits Work with All Ages!

Children who can read are easily able to perform the skits. The language is kept simple and the typeface is clear and large.

But if your students aren't yet readers, there are other ways to incorporate the skits into your ministry:

  • older children, teens, teachers, volunteers, even puppets can perform the skits

  • Or, a teacher can act as the narrator as young children ACT OUT the skit (this works great for the preschoolers or when you are short on time with the elementary kids).

We've used the skits with groups ranging In age from 3-18. These scripts are true multi-taskers!

Here's a Fast Look At The Various Settings Where The Bible Quick Skits Have Already Been Used:

Sunday School class
Vacation Bible School
Community Outreach, including at senior and youth centers
Youth services
Mini-Production for the Congregation
Family Reunions & Retreats
Mission Trips
Children's Church
Puppet Shows
Home School Meet-Ups
And more

Regardless of the Setting,
Our Skits Reliably Trigger
Faith-Building Discussions

Skits provide a jumping off point for Biblical conversation at the dinner table, on the car ride home, and even at school.

Here's what's really neat...

"Ready-to-Go Bible Skits" are provided in a downloadable "eBook". You get all 12 skits instantly with no printing, packing, shipping or handling expenses. Plus- you can print off as many copies of the skits as you need, year after year!

Order Now to Get Your Scripts
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By pricing this package of 12 scripts at just $9.99, I’m actually only charging 83 cents per script.

Each of these scripts is easily worth five or 10 times that amount! But I don’t really view this collection as a “money-maker” … it’s more of “memory maker.”

I’ve seen firsthand the power of using skits in Sunday School class. I’ve seen how my students got engaged like never before and learned things that I never would have expected them to learn.

I’ve also seen the proud looks on parents’ faces and the smiles of joy on strangers’ faces as we performed one of these skits.

Bottom line: These scripts are powerful and for a price that is less than $1 per script they are a complete steal right now.

To take advantage of this offer before I come to my senses and raise the price, click on the order now button below.

Our Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee,
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That’s right, we are so sure that you will love Ready-to-Go Bible Skits for Kids that we are offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the material, all you have to do is notify us within 60 days of your date of purchase and we will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

That’s TWO FULL MONTHS to put these fun, NO-REHEARSAL skits to the test!

Get This Powerful Bible Learning Tool Today!

Kids participating as characters in these skits will become involved in Bible stories like never before!

Our dialogue and plots will make them understand what it was like to be a young Moses or a disciple - and what it is like to be a more enthusiastic Christian today!

To get your copy, click on the order now button below.

Bible Skits

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