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Modern day advice to avoid cyber-bullying, Facebook fights and texting wars
How to help teens encounter God, and impact their church, school, and community with their unique gifts and talents!
Teen bible study lessons that teach kids to resist peer pressure and walk away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol
"Take home" assignments for teen youth groups, to help your students live their faith (and "keep it real") all week long
Thought-provoking discussion starters for youth bible study groups
Fun games and demonstrations that help relate God's presence in teenagers lives
Why so many teens abandon their faith after high school - and what YOUR church can do help kids stay close to God as they transition to adulthood

And a lot more...

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If you discovered that MORE THAN HALF the kids at your church were going to walk away from Christ after high school... would you do something about it?

I hope so. Because that's the sobering statistic. We are failing our teenagers at a staggering number.

Teens are under stress like never before. Between school, sports, extra curricular activities, college applications, and part time jobs - there’s a lot going on in the lives of today’s teens.

On top of all that- many teens are suddenly presented with alcohol, drugs, sex, and other temptations for the first time.

And while teens are trying to navigate the rough waters of high school, many feel abandoned by their parents, pastors, and youth group leaders.

Some churches tip toe around teens, swapping Sunday School lessons for pizza parties and hoping that upon graduation teens will suddenly be ready to re-engage with God.

Other churches still plod along with what worked historically—trying to teach teenagers responsibility with serious sessions of Bible study and prayer.

There needs to be a middle ground.

Teens need to learn how to walk their Christian Faith in the harsh realities of the real world. And that's exactly what we'll discuss in today's free presentation.

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