Getting your kids excited for church could be as easy as introducing fun sunday school activities into your sunday school lesson plans.  Activities provide a vehicle to teach important biblical lessons while keeping kids completely engaged.  In a way, fun sunday school activities allow for more in depth teaching and learning.  If you're doing the same old, same old, time to re-think your lesson plan.

Getting Your Children Excited About Church
 by: Cynthia Bates

No matter what religion you belong to, many people in today's modern society find that their children often don't enjoy attending Church, and some even downright dread it. Unless your everyday life is steeped in religion, children often look at attending Church as a chore that must be done. If you are trying to raise your children to believe in God and want them to learn more about your religion, it is important that they enjoy and look forward to going to Church. If children consistently view Church as an unpleasant experience throughout childhood they are more likely to stop going once they reach adulthood.

Small children should be involved in a Sunday school of some type. You wouldn't expect five year old to sit though an hour long college seminar, so they same can be said for what can sometimes be a confusing Church service. Sunday schools are aimed at making learning about God and religion fun and educational for kids. Many not only include class learning sessions but fun games, activities, and even a chance to participate in plays and musicals. The more fun your children have learning about your religion, the more they will look forward to going each week. Sunday School Activities

As children get older it is important for a Church to have special activities for them. Youth groups are very common in many Churches, and it gives teenagers a chance to spend time with their peers in a positive setting. Young adults tend to reach a rebellious stage, and this may include a lack of desire to attend Church. Youth groups aim at giving teens a fun way to stay connected to the Church while allowing them to express themselves. Youth groups should try and plan activities not only for Sundays, but weekend evenings as well. Movie nights, pizza parties, and sports days are all great ways to get teens involved in a youth group.

If your children, no matter what age, have questions about God and religion it is important that you address them no matter how insignificant they may seem. Learning is part of the experience of childhood and keeping their minds engaged is vital. Start taking your children to church at a young age and make sure that there are plenty of activities and special events for them to enjoy.


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