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At last! Prepare for Adult Sunday School in Under 5 Minutes…

"Who Else Wants to Have A Library Of “Go-To” Adult Sunday School Lesson Plans That Are Simple to Teach, Deep in God’s Message, and Engaging for Students?"

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Teachers Rave and Churches Report Amazing Results That Changed Their Sunday School Classes Literally Overnight!

"Thanks for all of your ideas they added to our curriculums and made the classes more fun!

-Dianna M.

"Your lessons are very easy to follow. Thank you for taking the time to put these lessons together for us."

-Mary F., Fallon, NV

"The lessons are relavent to today's Adults and easy to use! Bless you for all your work and creativity!!"

-Toy C.

"I am so thankful that you came up with the lesson plans set up the way that you have!!!  It was a blessing in disguise. I was looking for a Sunday School curriculum that taught these lessons and there it was and at an affordable price!!!! All of the teachers love it too because it is exactly the right amount of time needed. Once again thank you!!"

-Becky C.

Mary-Kate Warner
1:22 p.m.

Dear Friend,

If you’re looking for a pre-designed Adult Sunday School Lesson Plans, then you’ve landed on just the right website! 

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Mary-Kate Warner, and I’m a Sunday School Director in Colorado. 

A couple years ago, I stumbled upon an amazing tool that transformed our Adult Sunday School Program.  In October of 2005, I literally found myself teaching an Adult Sunday School Class (the teacher called in sick and I filled in) with only 1 lonely student! 

I left the church shaking my head.  Our Adult Sunday School Program was a mess and I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

On the surface it seemed like the problem was obvious- our Adult Sunday School Teachers were not reliable (often calling in sick last minute, sometimes even no-showing) and it didn’t seem like we had enough interested students.

I did a little bit of “detective work” and phoned all the teachers and many of the students to try to “get to the bottom” of the problem.

After an hour on the phone, it became very clear what the root of my problem was:

We Needed Lesson Plans!

Turns out, my teachers were confused and overwhelmed at developing a thoughtful lesson plan for Adults.  Many reported that they spent over 3 hours preparing a 1 hour lesson!

The students were getting discouraged because they felt the lessons were disorganized and they left feeling confused about the topic.

Once I knew our REAL problem, I put together a Bible Study “Dream Team” who got to work developing Ready-To-Go Adult Sunday School Lesson Plans.

My Sunday School Teachers were thrilled... and the Student reviews were glowing.  After 6 long months of development, it seemed our Lesson Plans were the ticket to getting our program on track.

Fastforward another 6 months and we began sharing our Lesson Plans with folks around the country at Christian Conferences.  And now today, our lessons are here to help YOU!

No need to re-invent the wheel and develop your own lesson plans!  I’ve got a pile of Adult Sunday School Lesson that have your name on them.

I know you’re going to love them because all our lessons are…

Developed To Be Simple, Deep, and Engaging

Every lesson plan has been tested, tweaked to be ultra-simple to prepare (most Sunday School and Group Leaders spend 5 minutes preparing for class using the lesson plans.

Our team has done the extensive research to ensure our lesson plans accurately reflect the truth of Scripture for those living in our busy modern world... so every lesson is sure to connect with your students, and communicate the deep message of God’s Word

And all Lesson Topics focus on enhancing your students understanding of the Bible, theology, and Christian Family issues.  Whenever possible, contemporary topics are used to highlight the Bible’s Teachings.

And best of all, every lesson plan is non-denominational and can be used in ANY Christian setting.

Each Lesson Comes With A Student Study Guide And A Leader’s Guide. Online Fingertip Access 24/7.

These can be downloaded and printed out, or e-mailed to class participants prior to class. 

Adult Sunday School Lesson PlansYou can view and prepare lessons anytime... and from anywhere.  Because our lessons are available online, teachers have access from any computer in the world.  They can take a look at the class at home, work, or right before class at church.

Feel free to print off extra Student Study Guide’s to pass out to folks who might have missed the last lesson (the Student Guide’s make great Personal Study tools at home!)

And if your teacher is out of town or comes down with the flu, no need to worry!  Each lesson comes with a Leader’s Guide that is designed to allow ANYONE to lead a class (even if they only have 5 minutes to prepare!)

Does Your Class Attendance Change From Week to Week?  No Problem!  Each Lesson Stands Alone.

Each lesson plan is designed to fill a 1-2 hour class.  The lessons are powerful on their own, they do not require consecutive weekly participation.   Your student’s will never feel behind!

The Leader has 100% flexibility in selecting the week’s topic, feel free to use the lessons in whatever order suits you best.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find in the lesson plans…

• How to overcome the single most difficult aspect of teaching Sunday School to today’s Adults.Adult Bible Study

• How asking just the right questions will lead to more class participation that you ever thought possible!  (all the discussion questions are in the Leader’s Guide in black and white!)

• The best way to discuss God, The Bible, and War.  This is often a tricky topic given current events of the day, which make it even more important to discuss. 

• Provide your students with the tools to discuss Creationism, Evolution, and Intelligent Design with their children, peers, or grandchildren. 

• There are 5 themes that appear in the Bible over and over.  Use these themes to deepen your student’s relationship with God and change their daily lives forever.

• How to approach the topic of interfaith marriage and dating during your lessons.  (This lesson is guaranteed to generate a healthy discussion amongst your group!)

• The single best way to discuss life after death.  By approaching the topic in this manner, you will aide your students in dealing with the deaths of their loved ones.

• Most Christian adults don’t study the Bible outside of class (most don’t know what to do exactly).  Help guide them to a deeper relationship with God by giving them the TOOLS they need to best learn His Word. (Hint: This goes FAR beyond simply reading a passage every day).

 Practical advice for parents to help their children avoid falling into the many sexual temptations surrounding them.  Christian families need to discuss the topic of sex with their children- help your students deal with this difficult topic with strength.

• Your class is constantly bombarded with mainstream media’s focus on beauty.  Help your student’s understand what the Bible says of vanity and how they can keep their focus in a beauty-driven society.

• What is the Soul?  The lesson plan on the Soul will help you guide your student’s to understand something they cannot touch or feel.

• Many Christian’s have a difficult time understanding The Trinity.  Help your student’s understand how The Trinity relates to salvation.

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And that’s not nearly all.

You’ll discover much more in this unique Sunday School Lesson Collection.

And what’s really great is that
You Can be Flipping Through The
Lessons In The Next 30 Seconds…and
Teaching One Of The Lessons 5 Minutes Later!

You can invest in this amazing curriculum right now and actually start “digging into” these Lesson Plans within 30 seconds…yes, that’s right…WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can be "sitting" in my Adult Sunday School Class, while I show you all our tricks and techniques for planning amazing Sunday school lessons in 5 minutes flat!

The Adult Sunday School Lesson Plans are fully downloadable.

There is no waiting for the mailman to deliver your lessons, no fancy programs are needed, you’ll be able to read and print from any computer.

You get everything –the entire collection of lessons (10 in total)- in minutes!

You can print everything at once, or you can do what most teachers do and just print out the lesson they are focusing on for the week.

Immediately after your order is processed; you'll be directed to a secure download page.  The lesson plans are available in Microsoft Word and PDF format.  Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about computers, I show you how to download them step-by-step.  Anyone can do it!

Click here to instantly receive your Sunday School lesson plans!

And don’t worry- you’re never “on your own”.

We are always available to you via e-mail in case you have any problems or questions!
Still not convinced?

There is something else I’d like to offer you in addition to the lesson plans.  If you order by midnight tonight, , you'll get this fast action bonus for FREE!


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You'll have the latest information and tools before anyone else.

I know you’re probably thinking all this is going to cost you a lot of money.


I know what its like to work on a tight budget.  And honestly, I only decided to make our lesson collection available to the public because I see a “Christian education meltdown” happening in churches (small and large) across the country.  The next generation needs high quality Christian education, and Sunday School teachers like you need more support and direction than you’re getting right now.

I could easily charge $600 for the material I'm offering you today.  (Lots of companies charge more than $600 for material that isn’t half as teacher friendly).

Remember, this is a collection of Lessons that you can use over and over again, year after year, the collection is being used as the primary Adult Sunday School Curriculum in over 189 churches across the country.  Why?

Because it Works!

Today, you can get the entire lesson collection for just $37.77.  Click Here To Get Started!

That breaks down to less than $4.00 a lesson!  For the price of a latte you can remove all the stress from teaching Sunday School.  Think how great you’ll feel on Saturday night when you aren’t struggling to think of a “plan” for your class.

Will this book help you? Will it help you finally find balance between your life and teaching Sunday School? Here's how you can find out without risking a single penny...

100% “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee


Go ahead and order the Lesson Plans. Keep them for 60-days and try them out. Then, if you are unhappy with it for any reason (or no reason at all), send an e-mail (along with your order number) and we will cheerfully rush you a full refund.

And you can STILL keep the entire lesson plan collection for FREE!

(Maybe you have a friend who might like them)

There’s no questions asked, no funny business, and no “wiggle clauses”. You either love the lesson plans you get your money back right away.

Please don’t hesitate on your order, I’d hate for you to miss out on the free lifetime updates that are being given to you for free with your order today.  Your order is processed on our secure servers, your privacy is 100% protected. 

There are 4 payment options for your convenience: Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express), Debit Card, e-Check, or Paypal.

Click Here To Get The Adult Sunday School Lesson Plans Today ;-)

All The Best,

Mary-Kate Warner

P.S.- Remember, if you're not completely satisfied with the lesson plans, just send me an email and I'll instantly refund your purchase with NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

And you can STILL keep everything for free.  That's pretty generous, don't you think?

It means you have no risk whatsoever, and you can test-drive all 10 lesson plans for free if you want.  Click here to get started today!