Sunday School Lesson Plan Sample: Noah

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Sunday School Lesson: Noah's Ark

12-14 Years:


Opening prayer to start session. For example:


"Dear God, thank you for the chance to come together with others in fellowship to learn more about your love.  Give us the wisdom to learn from your words, and to put what we learn to work as we go about our lives in the week to come."


This week we are looking at the story of Noah and in particular the importance of keeping promises.


Bible Reading:


Appoint a number of readers and have each of them read a verse in turn until they come to the end of the readings.   At the end of each section, discuss the bible passage that they've just read.  Do they understand what it says?  Is there anything they don't understand?  If there is too much for your group to read/take in, miss the first section - don't miss the last as this is the main theme for the week.


Genesis 6:13-6:22

Genesis 7:7 - 7:18

Genesis 8:3 - 8:12

Genesis 9:12 -9:16


Discussion: Implications of God not keeping promise


Do they think that the violence in today's world is greater than it was at the time of Noah?  What if the Covenant wasn't there? 


Discussion: Importance of promises and consequences of breaking them


Have a list prepared of the kind of promises this age group are likely to have made.  "I promise there are no boys at the party"  "I promise I won't smoke just because someone else does!"  "I'm just going to the mall with Jenny, I promise!" <roll eyes for effect> 


Now have the students consider the consequences of breaking these promises - in particular you are looking for personal safety, health issues and most importantly, the breaking of trust with the person they have made the promise too. 



Activity: Role play - a promise not kept.


Use one of your scenarios and have the students act out the parts.  You will need the promise maker, the person they make the promise too, and then enough people to bring it to a possible conclusion.  What do the student's themselves believe would happen?  Let them lead the scenario but with a little gentle nudging to get the ending you want!


Closing Prayer thanking God for his promise. For example:


"Dear God, thank you for your Covenant, and for leading us to the Right way by your own example.  Help us to make the right kind of promises and to keep them so that we follow in your footsteps.  Keep us safe in your love as we go about our lives this week, and guide our actions so that we reflect your work through our actions.  Amen."


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