Sunday School Lesson Plan Sample: Noah

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Sunday School Lesson: Noah's Ark 

6-8 Years:


Opening prayer to welcome the start of the class.  For example:


"Dear God. We thank you for the chance to meet once again in your presence.  Help us to learn more about your work and to understand how we can follow in your footsteps.  Amen"


Bible Story:


Tell the story of Noah to the children in the class.

A picture book version isn't necessary but a simplified version of the story will put it into the understand level of the age group.  If you have a children's bible that you use with your class, then this ought to be appropriate.


Drama:  Act out the story of Noah building the ark.


Appoint the main characters in the story - make sure that everyone in the class has some part to play, and is clear about what they will need to do when prompted.  Use one area of your class as the "ark".  Narrate the story again and let the children act out their role.  This is a class drama so it doesn't have to be perfect, just enough for the children to remember what happened.


Discussion about the importance of promises


Return the class to their usual seats and discuss promises - what are they, what kind of things do they promise, should promises be kept, who keeps their promises, then see who remembers what was the symbol of God's promise. 


Activity:  Pair words quiz. 


Make two columns of words side by side, in one column place a word that fits with today's lesson, in the other column place a corresponding word.  The paired words shouldn't be side by side so that the children have to look down the list to choose the right word, for example:


Noah                    Lioness

Olive Branch         Rainbow

Ewe                      Ark

Lion                      Sheep

Promise                 Dove



Make the list as long as you think the children will have time to complete in class. 


Closing Prayer thanking God for his promise.  For example:


"Thank you God for our class today.  Thank you for the lesson we've learned and the fun we've had.  Thank you also for your promise, and for your rainbow to remind us.  Help us to keep the promises that we make, and keep us safe in your care.  Amen."


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